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Our Hill… and Our Beans – HOF Dialogue

KTC Logo SepiaMay 10th was the last time that I stared myself down in the mirror with that dip wedged in my grill. I had done this every day for 15 years. I would take a good long look at myself, shake my head in disgust, drop the dip in the shitter then brush the chew pubes out of my smelly ass teeth.

Mornings were not any better. I could go to work and forget my wallet, my ID badge my shoes, but I simply could not put my truck into drive without the uncomfortable feeling of that tin in my back pocket.

On Mothers day this year I googled “how to quit chewing” or something like that and it brought me to this site. Like most rookies, I screw up the roll call about 10 times before I successfully typed my name and days quit. Some ass hole with a big F-you finger named JPine would make it a habit of telling me how stupid I was for bumping my brothers off the roll and quoting stupid movies. And if that wasn’t enough some crazy guy named Loot was giving me more attention than a skank stripper at a North Carolina bachelor party.

I would like to thank Loot and Jpine for making me come back each day. They taught me to be accountable and honest (to myself and my group).

I would like to also thank the whole August Group. I am glad that this is an internet thing, because I would probably have to take out a restraining order on some of you crazy bastards. I would not be writing this without your help and daily psychotherapy.

It’s a topsy-turvy world, and maybe the problems of Tobacco Addicts don’t amount to a Hill of Beans. But this is our Hill….. and these are our Beans! (that one was for you Smoke)

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Hazard05

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