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Pavo Herbal Pouches Review

Pavo Herbal Pouches SquareIt’s been a while but I’m back this evening with another NEW player into the smokeless alternative market! Introducing Pavo Herbal Pouches The pouches come in four flavors including Lemon, Sweet Mint, Natural and Melon.

If you’ve read my reviews in the past you know I’m a pretty big fan of pouch products these days, primarily because they’re so ‘tidy’ when it comes to cleanup. Couple that with the fact that with most pouches (including these Pavo Pouches) you don’t have to spit and I’m a happy guy.

I’m going to do this review a bit different and just of transcribe the notes I was taking while sampling these (while driving to pick up my son at his girlfriend’s house).

Before I get started, just a couple of general thoughts. The pouches are pretty dry especially compared to other pouch alternatives out there. They do moisten up as you use them but wanted to point that out up front. Also, I have to give some mad props on the packaging here as they have a good quality, solid plastic tin with a ‘saver’ spot in the lid for used pouches. For those of you that are familiar with GRINDS packaging these will be familiar.

OK… on to my stream on thought review of Pavo Herbal Pouches.

Pavo Herbal Pouches 2Pavo Lemon Herbal Pouches

Good smell upon opening. Not super sweet lemony but also not super citrusy. Very dry pouch. Very subdued flavor at first. Almost getting no flavor at all until I really worked the pouches. When I moved the pouches around in my mouth I got a really nice lemony flavor burst. Really having to work these pouches to in order to get much flavor.

Pavo Sweet Mint Herbal Pouches

I’m coming to find out that these are pretty dry pouches to begin with. I’m doing my testing with two pouches each. Have to put them in and really start to get them going for a good couple of minutes before you get much flavor at all. Good smell upon opening these as well and once again very subdued. The name of “sweet mint“ is very accurate.

Pavo Sweet Mint Herbal Pouches Ingredients

Plant Fibers (E460), Water, Black Tea, Ashwaganda, Green Tea, Guarana, Matcha, Sucralose (E955), Xanthan Gum (E415), Salt, Preservatives, Flavorings.

Pavo Natural Herbal Pouches

Wasn’t quite sure what to make of this one based on the name. This is a really weird one. I’m having a really difficult time placing what this tastes like. It’s good. It’s got some weight to it. Almost like a hot spearmint or Mint would but doesn’t really taste like that. I will be interested to review the ingredients list when I’m done trying this. Probably my least favorite of the bunch so far but it’s not necessarily bad either.

Pavo Melon Herbal Pouches

This one was the one that I was looking forward to the most. Once again very subdued. I have to say none of these are overly sweet which I actually sort of like. I would have preferred a much Moister pouch I think? I do think that adding a couple of drops of liquid to these might elevate them quite a bit.

Pavo Herbal Pouches Ingredients

Plant Fibers (E460), Water, Black Tea, Ashwaganda, Green Tea, Guarana, Matcha, Sucralose (E955), Xanthan Gum (E415), Salt, Preservatives, Flavorings.

All four flavors have the above ingredients listed. In addition to these the Natural pouches lists Proprietary Blend of Herbs.

Pavo Herbal Pouches Final Thoughts

Over all these are nice pouches. Some unique flavor profiles that I’ve not run across before and aren’t nearly as sweet as other alternatives on the market. These start out super dry and take a few minutes to get going. I imagine if you add some liquid to them, or perhaps if you’re drinking while using them it won’t be an issue at all. I have to say that I love the fact that there are new alternatives coming into the market as there truly is something for everyone.

Pavo Herbal Pouches can be found on their website at where you can purchase all of the flavors reviewed above as a single tin, a 5-pack of a single flavor or a variety pack. You can also purchase on Amazon:

Special thanks to the folks at Pavo Herbal Pouches for providing me samples to try and review.

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Have you tried Pavo Herbal Pouches?  Leave us a comment with your thoughts below!

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