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What’s the Deal with Cannabis and Covid-19?

NOTE: While use of marijuana (or alcohol) isn’t forbidden for quitters who are posting roll on KillTheCan, they can, especially early in your quit, make you weak and make you make some poor decisions. Tread lightly. 

Since the pandemic began, traditional dispensers and online weed stores have seen a huge increase in sales. With a lot of cannabis users forced to stay at home to help reduce the number of people contracting the coronavirus, people have found more time on their hands to smoke weed than they did in the past.

Cannabis Plant

A lot of cannabis activists around the globe in countries where the substance is yet to be legalized, feel now is the right time to authorize the sale of cannabis products. Because marijuana users can’t buy weed from online marijuana stores where the substance is illegal, they have to meet a dealer on the blackmarket instead. With so much free time on their hands, it is inevitable that frequent users will go out of their way, even if they are breaking rules and regulations to buy pot.

Cannabis Encourages People to Stay Indoors

Unlike alcohol, most cannabis users are happy reading books or watching their favorite comedy series on a streaming service from the comfort of their own home. One of the most difficult tasks authorities have had to deal with since early 2020 was to convince people to stay at home. A lot of people who use weed had no issues staying inside as long as they had enough pot to keep them going. Having to go outside to buy weed is a big risk. Some pot dealers on the blackmarket meet several customers each day, so the chances of them contracting the deadly virus is very high.

Those who want to see cannabis legalized during the pandemic are well aware that the majority of marijuana users will buy weed, whether it’s legal or not. They understand that weed dispensaries will ensure that they follow the strict Covid-19 guidelines to make sure that their clientele stay safe while buying marijuana products in their store.

How Can You Avoid Getting Covid-19 While Using Cannabis?

As we all know by now, the virus is highly contagious. To help reduce the chances of contracting the virus while using weed, here are a few things you should keep in mind.

  • Don’t “Pass the Dutchie” to the left hand side! Most people who smoke pot like to share their joints, bongs, and other things with their friends. If you, or the person you are smoking with has the virus, there is a good chance that it will be passed on.
  • Disinfect your bongs and vaping devices: Before using a bong or a vaping device for weed, make sure that you clean it before using it.
  • Buy from authorized sellers: Most dispensaries will make sure the packaging they use to sell their products have been disinfected before selling them to their clients.
  • If you are using weed products for medicinal purposes, consult with your doctor on whether or not consuming weed for your condition is okay during the pandemic.

Can I Smoke Weed After My Vaccination?

You have been waiting for your vaccination for a long time, and you finally get it and you feel like you want to celebrate by smoking a big fat joint containing Raider Kush, but before you grab your lighter there are a few things you should consider.

First, the virus is a respiratory disease, and just because you have had your shot doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t have it. You could have contracted the virus leading up to your vaccination, and you can still get it once you have been fully vaccinated. But this doesn’t mean that you have to stop smoking. However, you should think about waiting for a few days to let your body adapt to the shot. If your arm has swelled up after your jab, you should definitely avoid indulging, at least until the swelling has gone down. You might experience flu-like symptoms after the shot, and smoking pot can make you feel even worse.

Can Smoking Pot Reduce the Vaccine’s Effectiveness?

There seem to be a lot of rumors suggesting that smoking will reduce the effectiveness of the vaccine against COVID-19. Although it seems like the majority of medically trained experts agree with this, there is nothing that suggests that these claims are true. However, some scientists believe that the anti-inflammatory properties that are found inside weed might provide a layer of protection to help people from contracting the virus. These are the same properties that help people who are suffering from cancer.

However, because the virus hasn’t been around for longer than two years, it will be a long time before we know the exact details. There are doctors and scientists looking for ways to treat those suffering from Covid-19, many of which are testing THC.

How Can You Buy Weed Without Having to Leave the House?

Online cannabis sales have been going through the roof since the pandemic began. Instead of leaving the house to buy pot in a traditional weed store, consumers are going online and finding their favorite weed for sale on their smart devices and computers. Even since the vaccine rollout, most customers are still buying their weed from online dispensaries. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Save money: The cost of running a physical dispensary can add up. To operate, they need to employ budenters, cleaners, accountants, and sometimes security. The cost of renting a building in a prime location will also cost a pretty penny, so you can understand why they charge a lot for the weed they sell. Online dispensers often sell weed products for a fraction of the price of products for sale in traditional stores. Because they have less overheads, they don’t need to charge more for their stock.
  • Mail Order Marijuana (MOM): In countries like Canada, most dispensaries provide their clients with a MOM service. This way, customers can order pot on the web and it will be delivered to their front door. MOM allows consumers to buy weed without having to step foot outside their door.
  • Convenient: You can shop for weed online whenever you feel like it. These stores are open throughout the day, everyday, so you can place an order whenever it suits you.
  • Avoid contracting the virus: Although the vaccine rollout has been going well in most countries, there are still people out there contracting the virus. Shopping for cannabis products at home is a safer option than going to your local dispensary.


The pandemic seems to have changed the way we live our lives for the long term. Although a lot of people have found themselves doing nothing for long parts of the pandemic, others have used their time to learn new things. Lots of folks have been learning to grow quality weed since early last year. It helps them avoid buying pot on the blackmarket, it gives them something to do, and it can save them a lot of money. A lot of people have found themselves in financial difficulty since the outbreak spread around the globe, and using cannabis on a regular basis can prove to be a very expensive habit. Growing weed by yourself instead of purchasing it from a distributor can help you save a small fortune. Plus, it can be a lot of fun too!

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