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Paying It Forward – Non-Using Addicts ‘R’ Us

Gump avatar“I am a nicotine addict and always will be. I just don’t use nicotine.”

I’ve held off a few weeks in submitting my HOF speech…It was December, so getting ready for the holidays, finishing the work year, and also allowing time for all my December 09 quit brothers to complete their first 100 days.

Here’s a little summary of some illusions I was under prior to coming to KTC:

  • Nearly all dippers are southern rednecks
  • There are no female dippers to speak of
  • There is no help available specifically to dippers (apart from smokers)
  • I’m almost the only one who wants to quit dipping
  • Nobody has done all the degrading, dishonest and disgusting things I have because of dip.

After coming to KTC, I realized nearly everyone here had all the frustrations I had with nicotine, that dippers come in all shapes and sizes (black, white, gay, straight, Christian, Atheist, Muslim), and that I was a flyweight compared to the deeds some of these dirty ex-dipper dudes (and dames) had done.

That’s almost enough about the past. The last I want to say about what’s gone before is my gratitude for the assistance I have had from the mass of quitters on here, both in my group and in all the rest. In no particular order, I want to thank specifically the following people (there are many others who have participated in my quit, these are some of the people who come readily to mind):

Snowboredm, Coolcop and Hal – these three guys really took up the mantle of leadership in our group

Lemongolfballs – definitely the toughest bastard in our group…next time I go into battle I want him on my team.

Mills, CardsFan, TampaCJ – More good folk in the December group who were very helpful in my own quit

Flashman, Volp and CDForecheck – very funny, very sick men.

Skoal Monster, SamCat, Ironman, JustKeepDancing, MDGWelding, iuchewie, LAQuitter, ………… this list could get quite long……….

KTC is exactly what I needed and what I was looking for…a perfect match. Compelling arguments to quit. Camaraderie in quitting. An outlet for expression. A tried and true quit method.

So to the brand new quitter, or visitor, for now you can look at the whole KTC site, its wisdom—and its outrages—as our gift to you, from all of us quitters (us rednecks and salesmen and stockbrokers and soccer moms…there are thousands of us, so at least 10 of us look and sound a lot like you). What you do with the gift is up to you.

(We’ll be here when you’re ready).

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Gump

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