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Poorboy – DONE!

POORBOY avatarWell here I sit in my office on Day 98 thinking about what to write…You know; 100 days ago I would have been on my 4th or 5th dip of the day. Spitting in a used coffee cup from the morning…just waiting for it to lose its taste so I could slap another in….a vicious cycle that I carried on for 18 years.

As I write I think about why I was able to go 100 days without caving in. Not really sure. I’m 38 now and really think I’ve just outgrown chewing tobacco. I got into it just like everyone else…It was an older brother, uncle, dad, cousin, friend that offered us our first dip. We took it not sure what to expect. Some got sick, others found a rush of energy and still some really felt nothing at all.

For the most part we were young and dumb without a care in the world. I chewed for 18 years before quitting 100 days ago. I really believed it made me more of a “country boy” or “tougher” while sitting in a bar spitting in a draft cup full of Napkins. Drive my truck longer than 5 miles without a dip?…couldn’t be done.

Thankfully I never had any dental problems in those 18 years…who knows….I could have chewed to the day I died and never gotten cancer…fortunately we’ll never know.

I received a great deal of support from the folks on this site. I’m not going to mention anyone in particular…all of you played a part in some form or fashion and that’s what’s most important. My advice to anyone reading this…

  • Really be ready
  • Really be committed
  • Have a plan
  • Surround yourselves with people that know what you’re going though (this place)
  • Stay busy….idle hands….devil’s workshop
  • Focus on the day-to-day
  • Realize you’ll never be totally free
  • 100 days is just the start…nowhere near the finish

I’m done with dipping. I’m gracious that I’ve made it this far and pray that I continue to be strong. I have every intention of staying active with the folks here and trying to help those of us that just happen upon this place by accident during our search for someone, something or someplace to help us break this vicious cycle.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member POORBOY

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