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PP HoF – Getting Numbers and Staying Active

ppolcyn avatarWell, it has been a long fucking road to get here, but I ‘made it’ eventually. I will follow suit as my predecessors have, and therefore, I, too, shall recount my journey.

I found may way to KTC in 2012 and ‘tried’ to quit. I made it less than a day and fucking caved. I ‘tried’ again and made it about a month, then caved again. Why? Because I never bought in. I was constantly saying to myself, “I don’t need people’s numbers and roll doesn’t matter. I can do this shit by myself.” I did not really want to quit. I had a pretty severe back injury and used that as an excuse to start dipping again.

Fast forward two years to January 2014. For some reason, the guy who teaches next to me said, “I bet you can’t go a month without dipping”. I immediately said to myself, “Fuck you, dude. I can quit that long on balls alone.” Sometimes, I like to talk shit and say things that aren’t 100% accurate, especially to the new guy on the block.

So, we made a 1-month bet. If I could go one month without dipping, he would have to wear bib overalls and teach in them for one week. Why? Because that shit would be fucking hilarious.

That night I quit and started getting urges immediately when I woke up the next morning. So, what do I do? I fly back to KTC and post roll. Why? I guess it was an SOS call.

People on here noticed that I had been that been on before and want to know why I had caved two years ago. I immediately fly off the hinge at J2B, and was met with a response that was harsh but deserved. I read up on this site and drank my first glass of the KTC Kool-Aid. I have to take the time to say thank you to CBird for extending his hand and helping me get started. He gave me his number as did many others, including J2B, who I had called a cocksucker. (So that tells you how great of a guy he is – even after being called that, he threw me a life preserver. So thank you J2B!!!!) Soon after, I also bumped into a BAMF by the name of T-Cell, who I would say was also very important to my quit. He and I frequently texted back and forth. SO thank T-Cell. I credit these three for literally saving my life. Nothing I can do will ever be able to repay them for that.

After one month, I had already established a pretty solid quit and figured, I had made it thus far, so why not just be done with dip forever? I didn’t make the guy teach in overalls – I had won something much more valuable than the weeks’ worth of laughter at him wearing those. I had found friendship, support and family.

There have been many bumps in the road getting to 100 days: my daughter broke her femur, my mother had a stroke and was put in a nursing home, and a couple of years earlier that would have been enough for me to say, “Fuck it! I am getting a dip.” But not now. I realize that shitty stuff is going to happen, but a wise man told me, and unfortunately, I cannot remember who it was, but one problem plus dip equals two problems.

I am not going to do a day-by-day recount, so in conclusion: what worked for me? Drinking the Kool-Aid; following the well-established procedure on here; POSTING ROLL, getting numbers and staying active.

All of you motherfuckers are family to me now!!!

My thank yous:
CBird – my father on here
J2B – my favorite cs on here, LOL
T-Cell – kinda like my big brother
Gator – for jumping in my shit when I caved before
Wastepanel – for jumping in my shit when I caved before
Souliman – for jumping in my shit when I caved before
Luby – for jumping in my shit when I caved before
Sir Derek – for being an awesome supporter when in chat
Coach Steve
Diesel 2112
Winter Green
Ginet – she is awesome
Lambo915- mentioned just because of the tits on his avatar
Loot – for being Loot
All my Resolute Bastard brothers and sisters
the guys in April 2012, May 2012, and May 2011
and many, many more

Sorry if I forgot anyone!!

Peace, love the Almighty and stay quit

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member ppolcyn

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