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The Difference Between Stopper and Quitter

Stop Vs. QuitStopper: A stopper uses words like hope & try & want & can’t. A stopper thinks he or she is a special butterfly. A stopper really does not understand or believe that they are an addict. A stopper feels sorry for themselves. A stopper thinks life is not fair. A stopper knows deep down inside that they will dip again even before they “attempt” to stop. A stopper is a slave.

Quitter: A quitter eliminates the option of dipping from their life. A quitter’s heart is filled with hate and disgust for nicotine and Big Tobacco; there is no room for self-pity. A quitter is willing to suffer through every second for the next 24 hours because he or she has too much integrity to break their word. A quitter knows that they are an addict and will do everything in their power to avoid ever putting that cancer-causing poison in their mouth again. A quitter is a free man or woman.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Notdeadyet

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8 years ago

If your heart is filled with hate then you will never be free…..no one made us use. We used it to cope. Nicotine was only the symptom of our disease. SELF everything was the root of our problem. Be honest about why we used and you will truly be free……

6 years ago
Reply to  shane

Shane – Out of curiosity, did you start your quit, or are you still quit? I am an addict of Nicotine for 22 years. From my perspective, I have no idea why I started, no idea of what/if anything it was medicating, or even how addicted I was. But .. I was a slave to Nicotine. I love to be angry at Nicotine!!!! I think we have 100% every right to be ANGRY at Nicotine!! Now, I do agree with the fact that sometimes we can be our own worst enemy. But come on .. if we are being “honest” Nicotine is addictive. For whatever reasons, we tried it. Our body liked it, and now that we opened our mouth to the nasty crap and gave it a taste … it wants more nicotine… EVERYDAY. I am PISSED it was available for me to try, I am PISSED that I still crave it, I am PISSED for the time it has taken from me from my family. YES, I HAVE A HEART FULL OF HATRED FOR NICOTINE!!! To keep my quit .. I wake up each morning, and acknowledge that even though I am quit, I am still an addict. I make a commitment of No Nicotine (in any form) for today. I worry about tomorrow, tomorrow … but I know I will always be PISSED at Nicotine (symptom or not)! It makes me smile to know, the Nicotine Bitch will not have my freedom today!

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