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HOF Journey – What a Trip This Has Been

KTC Logo - Black and WhiteThe KTC HOF, what a trip this has been. Four months ago I decided that enough was enough, and that I was finished “trying” to quit. I had no specific reason for wanting to make the quit work this time, other than financially at the time I realized I would pay less for life insurance if I didn’t use tobacco. Other than that, on that day four months ago I decided it was time to take my life back and not be dependent on chewing tobacco anymore. I was unemployed at the time, meaning I had too much time on my hands, and had just completed a move with the wife from Texas to Alabama. Maybe not the best time to quit chewing after 30+ years of use, but I dove right in. I cheated a bit in the beginning. About two years ago I was wandering around Wal Mart and saw they had the Equate nicotine lozenges on sale for $15 for a whole shitload of them. I thought, “hey dude, you’re gonna quit someday so buy those.” I can add exactly 30 days to my KTC number to come up with the days being chew free, but did use nicotine lozenges for some time, and not knowing any different realized they helped. But after 30 days I was real close to running out, and couldn’t find them on sale again and damn sure wasn’t going to pay full price for nicotine lozenges, so I made the second decision to quit them as well. Right around this time I discovered KTC and it made my decision to quit nicotine so much easier. Here I ran head first into guys like Richard K and Weedsta, to name a few, and the whole thing began to make so much more sense. As time and quit days began adding up, I ran head first into guys like net gain, Kodiak Killer, and Mlovell, and I was born into a new band of brothers! The challenge has really just begun…..100 days and the HOF is a great start, but as the conductors say to us daily, “Be vigilant in your quit. 100 days is a milestone, and not a destination. Keep the focus!” The roughest days for me to date have been in the past week, but as we’ve all come to expect, reaching out to our brothers is the key to success and continues to be. If you’re new to KTC and reading this, and wondering if it’s all worth it, the answer is “Hell yes!” If you’re a Patriot, thanks for all the support and brother ship while running down the road to the HOF, and lastly, if you’re a vet, thanks especially to you for taking the time to provide valuable insight and advice to individuals and for keeping this site strong and moving forward. Remember, DO OR DO NOT, THERE IS NO TRY!

I wanted to add this portion for new quitters who may be reading this. You will hear this time and time again on KTC, WUPP (Wake Up, Piss, and then POST your promise). This is the one of the easiest things to do to ensure success with this program, but the easiest thing to allow yourself not to do as well. The concept is so simple, before you start your day you should take a few minutes and post your daily promise to your brothers who are waiting to see it. Waiting until later in the day jeopardizes your quit and stresses out fellow quitters who are keeping tabs on the group. There’s actually no excuse to not use WUPP, make it a habit and stick with it, you might even form a Breakfast Club of sort with your quit brothers.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member YoungForever

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