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PRO-DIP Returns!

PRO-DIP Returns (1)Every once in a while I have to deliver a message to our readers that a smokeless alternative manufacturer goes out of business. It’s sad but it happens from time to time. Back in February of 2017 I delivered one such message about an energy pouch product line called PRO-DIP. I’m thrilled to be back today, for what I believe is the first time, announcing that a manufacturer has returned!

PRO-DIP is back on the market!

I’ll be back in a day or so with a review of the new (and improved) PRO-DIP pouches but wanted to drop this line today.

Here’s a brief few words I received from the folks at PRO-DIP:

PRO-DIP® was born from a place that most inventions are born from, necessity and desperation. In 2014, PRO-DIP’s inventor found himself on the outs of life. Being a young football coach in the Tri-State area and expecting father of twins, life was about to take a sudden turn as it often does for so many in the journey of life. One of the twins didn’t make it, and the marriage didn’t survive. On top of this, personal poverty become a reality as coaching positions in the area become scarce. While moving from one relative’s couch to another and spending most nights in his car, the company’s founder started to pray for ideas of something that could change all this. One night while on a walk, he was thinking of the good times he had with his college football teammates, and oddly enough remembered that they were always dipping smokeless tobacco. Whether they were working out or in team meetings, it was constant. Then the idea flashed into his mind. Take the smokeless tobacco pouch, empty it of tobacco and nicotine and fill it with healthy vitamin powder for energy. As we all know habits are hard to change, so the simple brilliance of the idea was to just keep the habit, but the change to outcome from a negative one to a positive one.

PRO-DIP Returns (2)

Driven by this new vision, the inventor landed in a small workshop in his grandmother’s backyard. He spent the entire year of 2015 in almost complete isolation developing the product we now know as PRO-DIP®. Come to find out, this was only the beginning of the challenges ahead. The inventor learned that the machinery to fill granular powder into a pouch was very different than that used to fill tobacco into a pouch, and that this machinery didn’t even exist yet! Working with a foreign manufacturer and scraping together some angel investment capital, the machinery was invented and commissioned to make a small batch of pouches to test the concept in the marketplace and submit the patent. This was the product that was first reviewed by Kill The Can. The test batch was a success, and customers and investors increasingly started to get on board with this new and novel concept. knowing that company had something big here, the founder would have to find a legitimate North American supplement manufacturer who shared the entrepreneurial vision to take PRO-DIP® to mass production on a Global scale. This was the second big challenge. To do it right, they had to pull the reigns on the small test batches to rebuild a sustainable foundation with a reputable manufacturer for the long-term. After eight tries and thirteen months of meetings with various manufactures, PRO-DIP® finally found Eureka93 in Canada to share in the vision of creating innovative pouch-based products long into the future. Eureka93 has a state-of the art NSF and GMP certified manufacturing and formulation facility strategically placed in Windsor, Ontario, 30 minute from the U.S./Canada border.

PRO-DIP® is now on track to be a major player in the industry. Its vision is to be the next household name in the energy space, the next Red-Bull and 5-Hour in time. They feel they have the right team to take the company the distance. Since they re-launched their ION energy pouch product this past May, they’ve gained national distribution and a 10-year licensing agreement with Eureka93 for the further development of cutting-edge pouch products.

As I said, stay tuned shortly for a review of the new PRO-DIP products. I’ll be updating the links on our Smokeless Alternatives page shortly to their new website Cheers!

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