Planning Your Quit – Are You Ready To Quit Dipping?

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Are you sitting there clicking through our site wishing you were quit? Are you waiting for “THE” day to arrive in which the time has come, and the quit happens now? Perhaps you are waiting for some meds to kick in, to help you handle the stress of quitting. Perhaps you are waiting for that can in your pocket to become empty. Maybe you want to start your quit on a Monday, maybe a Friday. Whatever the reason is, the fact remains that you are not yet quit.

We welcome you to our site. Let’s be clear about something though. This site is for quitters. Posting on our forum’s quit groups and posting in the Wildcard sections are reserved for people who do not have tobacco or nicotine flowing in their mouths, veins, or through their lungs for that matter.

Why do we do this? Well, it really comes down to respect. We have men and women who are fighting a battle to kick this deadly habit to the ground and it really wouldn’t be right or fair for someone with a lip full of dip to be posting with them. As one quitter put it, that would be like bringing a 6 pack to an AA meeting.

Let me be crystal clear – the best time to quit is right now. Throw that can away; flush the contents down the toilet. Barring that, until you make this move for yourself, we ask that you respect our site and the quitters on the site, and don’t post in the quit groups or wildcard topics.

That doesn’t mean you have to leave.  Far from it!  Please feel free to leave a comment on any page of the site (SPAM will be deleted), post in the General Discussion. Ask questions, start making contacts. Learn. Post in the Introductions area. Many quitters will respond to you in both of these areas. We also have a live chat room where you can get instant support. When you are ready and have made your decision, find your quit group and post up. It will be a day you never forget.


  1. Well 24 years ago I was sitting in a duck blind hunting with a close friend.. He was a chewer and I was not.. I remember seeing him putting a dip in his mouth and I asked him to toss me the tin.. He said NO! you do not want to start, it will grab you really, really quick. Long story short, I took the can and , yes he was absolutely correct. So here I am, ready to dump my girl friend “Grizzly”.. I am not planning to go cold turkey, but to gradually ween myself off of it… I am (was) a tin+ a day user.. I am now using a tin every 5 days.. Plan is to decrease my use, and when my stash is gone, then that is it.. I am not going to buy any more.. So when that day comes I will register and go into the forum.. See you soon!

      1. I hear you WV.. But I want to try and ween off.. Currently I have a few hard fast rules,, I am currently at a tin for 4 days, that will increase to 5, then 6, and so on.. Currently I only have a chew every 3-4 hrs.. Nothing after supper, and nothing during my usual trigger activities. So far it seems to be working.. I will not buy any more.. I am using Bacoff but want to limit that also so I can change my behavior as well.. So at some point I will be going cold turkey.. My plan may be completely naïve, but at least it is plan. I will keep you posted.

        1. Hows that going man? I remember when I tried to quit drinking beer. I switcfhed up to only whiskey and wine on certain days of the week. Wow!!! That was a disaster! 🙁

          1. So far so good.. Was doing tin and a quarter a day.. I am now at a tin every 5 days (Chew 3 to 4 times a day).. Will soon be moving to a tin every 6 then 7 etc.. I have specific situations ( my triggers) that I will not chew.. That is working out good as I do not even think about it any more.. Bottom line is when it is gone it is gone.. Not buying it anymore.$13.00 a tin is a bit too much.. Very soon I will be going cold turkey..

  2. Today marks day 18 for me without snuff. I used for 24 years (and I smoked for nearly the same amount of time). I quit smoking 3 years ago by throwing my pack out and not having a problem again. I never liked smoking and it was easy to quit. I liked snuff….the flavor and the fact that it was just there. I haven’t had any withdrawal issues whatsoever, which surprises me since I was a heavy user. I bought the variety pack of Jake’s Mint Chew to try it, since the reviews on it were good. I’ve found the stuff to be garbage, for the most part. The flavors are practically non-existent…the only two I’ve liked are the Kola and Cinnamon.

    I do have a question though…the first week after quitting things went very easy. Week two, after the nicotine had already left my system, I started craving wanting a rub in. During the first week I maybe used Jake’s like 3-4 times. The second week I used it 15-20 times. Now this week I’m craving even more but I’m only using Jake’s twice a day. I know its not tobacco or nicotine, but I didn’t quit one habit to get started with another! Anyone else have this problem, where the craving just keeps building instead of going away?

    1. I quit using this site 656 days ago and I use fake dip. I still use fake dip I do intend to let fake go at some point. Nicotine is an addiction and fake dip a habit. Its a habit that does not cause cancer and if I don’t have it go into extrem withdraws. But I’m sure when I get off fake dip breaking the habit will also suck some but will be more like quitting chewing finger nails than Copenhagen.

    2. Hey Joel V, after dipping for over 30 years (1.25 cans a day) I am at day 11, cold Turkey approach. First 7 days surprisingly were not too difficult. Days 8, 9, 10 and 11 have been very hard. Don’t know why these days have been so difficult, but I made it through them. Don’t believe it can get any harder. If I can make it through those days, I expect to continue on. I have asked myself what is different in this attempt to quit as opposed to pass attempts. I just cannot continue to spend the money (I absolutely refuse) and I finally realized about 75% of the tobacco I’m using is not enjoyable. I really believe this time I’m done, I pray for the same for you. Hang in there.

      1. hey there used for 30+ years as well 2 cans a day. I just finished day 6. I’m gonna make it too. Good luck I am looking forward to the extra $ and better breath!!!

        1. Hey Dean, I was just going through posts
          and came across your response to my May 11th post. Hope things are going well for you, today is 5 months nicotine free. It hasn’t been easy, and it’s still not real easy but I am very much committed to continue on. Reading comments on this site has been very helpful to me ( I have also prayed a lot and believe God has had his hand in my effort).. Let us know how you’re doing

  3. Okay today is the day, I have tried to quit so many times I can’t count. Been dipping for 36 years. Last time made it through day 2 and couldn’t even move with all the symptoms. I need the support from people that know what it is like to try and quit. My wife couldn’t believe how sick I was and even though very supportive doesn’t understand how hard it really is.

  4. Today is the day. day 1. I’ve tried this before, but this is it. i owe it to my wife, my family and myself. i am 62 and I will not be destroyed by these damn pouches anymore.

    1. Congrats Jake! I hope you are still going strong. I am on day 5, started on Monday 11/5 and am doing pretty good so far. Actually, I just ate lunch and am on my computer which used to be a big trigger for me. It’s 12:20pm and I have already finished a bag of sunflower seeds. I am just doing whatever I can. My plan is to use any means possible to not use nicotine for 3 months. It seems like that is a huge turning point. But if needed, I will continue to use substitutes because anything is better than dipping and ruining my mouth (causing cancer). I don’t think the cravings will ever go away, but I am going to fight them the rest of my life if needed. DIP SUCKS!!

  5. Well shit. Was looking for another girl on here. Guess I am the 1. I started when I was 13. Now I am almost 52. Quit once for 9 days a long time ago. I want to quit for good. I have been slowing down. But still haven’t been able to stop. But I guess if y’all can I can. So I am starting now.

  6. I’ve attempted to quit 4 times now and about to start my 5th. Each time has been longer and longer. Realizing that the cravings never go away is still astonishing to me. I’ve used nicotine patches, gum,Jakes fake chew, ginger, regular chewing gum, and seeds. The fake chew is a great way to start off but to ween off that and kick the actual habit of the oral fixation is what gets me. The first couple days is not the issue with me its a few weeks/months in. When that random craving comes out of nowhere and hits me. I try to think about my reasons for quitting but that just makes me think about chewing and the craving doesn’t go away until I get a dip in. It’s so bad usually I get the sensation on the back of my neck. It feels like my spinal chord is burning and making my hair stand up. That usually will last for a couple days non-stop or until I put a dip in. If anyone else has a similar craving reaction please let me know what you do to cope with that????? It kills my streak every time!

    1. That’s why this forum works you promise no nicotine in the morning so when the crave hits you already promised not to use so can’t break a promise. I still use fake dip 9 months quit some day I will stop that but that’s another days problem. Use fake as long as you need to If it helps.

  7. On day 3, and fog is still here, 30 years of chewing but have to quite for myself, and own self worth. Tired of being dependent of a product. I have been reading the posts, and many of us sound like we are in the same boat. Good luck to you all, and stay strong! I can promise myself, I will do my best!

  8. I’m wrapping up my last can. I have my gum, seeds, Mint. I have my fourth tooth coming out. Been dipping for 29 years and I’ve got to stop. Haven’t gotten sick…yet. Need to do this for myself and my kids. I’m worried. No doubt about it. But I think I’m as ready as I’ve ever been. My Father’s family have all died of Cancer and I know that I’m at a huge risk. My friends can’t believe that I still chew and ask what I’m doing to myself. I don’t know why I can’t control is factor in my life. I’m overweight. Unhappy with my family. I know I’ve cut my life short as it is and I don’t want my family to go through all of those experiences associated with long-term cancer illness. I need to sort this out. I just know I do. I’ve got a dip cup in my car….I dip all the time in my home office. I dip in the toilet at work….It’s got to end.
    I just pray I’m ready. Don’t know what the next few months are going to bring, but I’ve got to deal with it….Just like AA….one day at a time. Until tomorrow.

  9. Day 16 Almost down! feeling good still having some cravings but I feel like I can control myself and don’t feel like I need to go buy a can. Whenever I think about dipping I think about how far I have come so far and how much money I have saved. You can do it the first 4 days are definitely the worst but once you pass that it gets easier

    1. I’m about to start my quit day and getting a little nervous if I can do it. I’ve quit for small periods but never for good. Keep it up man.

  10. Just passed day one of no chew. Have cut back last two weeks from can every 2 days to a can could have lasted 10 days. First 24 hours haven’t been to bad yet but last couple weeks were hard at times. I will get passed this addiction and never take another dip. Started at 13 now 36 its kind of part of me but i will stay off the crap. I think chewing could be bad for the heart also, dont hear people talking bout that much.

    1. John it was great to read your post. I am also on day one. I too started at 13 and am 37 years old. We can do this.

      1. Yep, me too. I quit last night. I also started at 13 and I’m 36. I did quit for 10 years, but I fell off the wagon. I’ve been on and off the last couple years. Gonna give it a better go this time.

        1. Last dip last night! Just passed the 12hr mark. The fog is a bizarre feeling. Started at 15, 33 now. Quitting for my 3 month son, who I was supposed to quit for 12 months ago! I WILL DO THIS!!!!!!!!!

      2. Are you still quit what’s your user name mine is Jmckay now I’m 271 days quit and feeling much better. Pm me if you get a chance

      3. Are you still quit dan. I have stayed off nic and any kind but still use fake dip daily. Think I will have to wean myself off the fake stuff also.

  11. Going on day 2 with out taking a dip I think about it but than think of my family. Wife and kids are a way better addiction to have so I’m going at this head on and kickING chews as that’s right I’m a tough guy who’s training to be a chuck norris

  12. you should really check your analogy. from my experience, if a man walked into an AA meeting with a 6 pack he just became the most important person in said meeting.

  13. This will be around my 5th or 7th time trying to quit dipping. About to turn 20 later this month and really want to quit so I actually have a better future. Took my first dip on my 17th birthday and did it on and off. around my 18th birthday and just starting college that’s when I really did it every day or so. Then I went through a can every week or 2 weeks now I’m almost doing a can a day. I hate this stuff and always dread having to put in a dip or pouch every single day.

  14. this fucking sucks, why do i put myself through this torture, this is my 3rd time trying to quit, i quite for a year, and somehow got it back, and i knew what i would go through. Now i remember why i keep trying, my wife and kids.

  15. Well I’m on day 4 of quitting do you of you have any tips that would help of not getting the idea in my head of wanting a dip

  16. Going on day 5. I play lacrosse in college and every day coming back into the locker room after practice we’d pack and leave. On buses to games we pack tins like it was our job. It got to the point where I knew I had to quit. I had basically been addicted to dipping since freshman year of college and I’m a junior now. It got to the point where I needed any form of nicotine I could get my hands on. After going through a tin in two days and smoking a whole pack of cigs with my buddy in one night I decided it was time. Not just for me but for my future. My future family my family that I have now. I don’t want them or anyone I might meet in the future to see me fighting this addiction day by day. This addiction was all my fault; parents, friends, almost everyone told me never to start it and reluctantly I didn’t listen to them and look what happened. I’ve spent way too much on tobacco products that could’ve easily gone towards something else. This addiction has cost me way too much already in just 3 years that I have been dipping and 4 days ago I decided I was through with it.

  17. On day 6. I’m 25 and my girlfriend of 4.5 years left me two months ago after I moved away to start graduate school. I had worked for 3 years previously in NYC. I was a lacrosse player and always thought dipping was a goofy habit I kept on the side. Sometimes you can’t distinguish between the happiness that comes from the familiarity of packing the tin versus the happiness that’s a result of an addiction. I realize now that I was an addict and that’s hard to admit to yourself. I am drawing courage from the very fact that I should be at a low point in my life after being dumped and charting a new career path by myself, but I am choosing to trudge on. I’m reminded of a quote from Catch Me If You Can that says a mouse drowning in cream can either die or churn so hard it turns the cream to butter and he can climb out. Right now I’m churning as hard as I can.

  18. I WANT TO FREAKING QUIT!!! My 3 year old is spitting on the ground every time I do, my 7 year old always brings me empty bottles and asks if I need it before he throws it away, my wife is promising “once a week” if I quit, there’s always that worry of face cancer….I’m just ready. I can’t kill the urges, the habit of saying “two grizzly wintergreen pouches please” every time I stop to get gas, I spilled a spit bottle in my Jeep TJ carpet….I’m ready to give it up…someone help a brother out. I’ve tried the fake dip in long cut and pouches and that crap is unbeknowingly equivalent to sucking on a turd. How did yall quit and stay there? I quit for 3 months once with the help of the Nicorette pill looking things but I got them for free through dipstop. They ran out and are expensive as hell. ANY advise is greatly appreciated.

  19. Starting day three. Haven’t chewed so much gum in years. Trying anything to keep random food out of my mouth. Feel the weight gain, sluggishness, spaciness, lack of motivation creeping all around me.

  20. Well Hell guys, here is the thing, since I started my quit, (day 80 in 30 minutes) I been here barking around to the four winds how shitty this endeavor has been for me, but as I read more of yall’s stories I know you guys are getting the raw deal as well. By bitching and kicking everyday we’ve been able to dodge the bitch bullet, that’s heroic boys. I said it before and I am saying it now, tough guys chew on that shit, but it takes a Chuck Norris caliber of a dude to quit. We are there quitters, We are freaking there, we reached that level of bad assness (if its a word).
    Now along the way I called out and challenged some tough dudes to join us in the quit and test their toughness, well hell, some did as a matter of fact three bad asses took the challenge that I am aware of. JOEY (THE LIPSKI) CARNS, Brandon and Now Rick are on their way through hell like we all did it. Crazy motherfuckers!! but I applaud them for having the guts to take on the challenge.
    If you are reading this post and got the guts to start the quit, DO IT!! quit pussy footing around and start, START!! I DARE you to go through those three fucking days of Hell.

    1. Cocky little bastard I was last year, I am back humble and with more wisdom. We all get our chance to stop. No one makes that decision, but you.

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