2011 HOF Speeches

Quit For Life – Jman HOF Speech

Jman avatarSpeeches are not my thing but I do pride myself on being honest and direct. My story is probably not much different than anyone else who has been addicted to smokeless tobacco.

Snuff use started for me in my teens and continued for 23 yrs until I stumbled onto this site. I started using because it seemed like a cool thing to do, not to mention my grandfather (died from tobacco related cancer 4 years ago), uncle (died from tobacco related cancer 6 yrs ago) and dad used and they have been my mentors. I also played baseball for several years and it just seemed to go with the territory in my ball playing days.

I guess about a year ago my jaw started bothering me and my gums were really sore. So, I decided to go to the dentist to find out that I have periodontal disease. That really shook me up and I told my wife, “I dont know how but it has to stop”.

Surfing the internet for nicotine replacement products I found “Kill the Can”. I read every bit of information possible on the site and decided to give it a try. It has been a difficult journey staying quit but I can tell you or anyone that wants to get this fucking shit out of your life, use this God given resource and post roll. It works!

I want to thank the following individuals for their comments and support:

*Bigbamadan – extra thanks for telling me part of your story

I pledge to all of you to post roll tomorrow and start paying it back.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Jman

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