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Quitters Can Be Winners – Gettin Quit

KTC Logo Black WhiteBecause of QSX, I can truly say….

Thanks for 100.

Thanks to quit_to_win, for being wise enough to make The Decision (Thanks Chewie) to quit.

Thanks to my parents who gave up tobacco 30+ years ago so they could still be here in their 80’s. I thank them often for their decision and tell them that is why they are still here today. And they didn’t have QSX. They are hard-core QUIT. I owe my resolve gene to them. Thanks and Love.

Thanks to the founders of QSX/KTC for putting this funny farm out here so we can come here and not censor ourselves or each other in the name of a strong QUIT. Thanks for not building a framework of patting cavers on the fanny and wishing them “luck” in their next try. Thanks for not planting the Kum-by-ah mentality here. The eclectic mix allowed here provides each of us an opportunity to design our own quit. Read, watch, listen, and learn and anyone resolved to quit will find everything they need to build a strong quit right here!

Thanks to the all the Vets and Founders who still participate, for their own good and for ours. You will never know the inspiration all of you have given me. I don’t “know” a single one of you, but the foundation you guys laid from the beginning has carried through. The olders posts are OUTRAGEOUSLY funny, as well as downright serious kick-ass QUIT WISDOM. You guys personify quit and pay it forward…Thanks.

I messaged BBJ early in my quit when I really understood what QUIT+1 means. I appreciate why we post roll (thanks 11×4) and post our number of days quit, but really everyone here is quit…+1. We all may be different distances from the starting line, but every single one of us, as soon as we committed to quit, is EXACTLY ONE BAD DECISION (Mike 1228) from day friggin 1. In that respect, every one of us is exactly alike. This site taught me that you can’t quit forever, just quit one day at a time. Thats what we do here, and its worked for 100 days. I’m quit today, don’t ask me about tomorrow…

I want to thank all my January/Manuary Brothers. Day 100 is a bittersweet day (see Mike1228). But we can and will make the best of losing a quitter so late in the game. It has absolutely made my resolve even stronger. With that, I’d l like to offer a big thank you to the following in no particular order, hoping not to miss anyone:

Balls (f’n) City. Thanks for everything. I learned early on that you had style when you started crushing builderchad and later Jpine aka douchepine. In the fog of my early quit, I thought it was kinda bullshit, then I realized it was distracting me from craves. I learned to embrace  the dramas that go on here. Thanks for the accountability tree. I know who I’m accountable for.

ddevries. I’ll always remember Mule21 getting a kick from your “stuttering” problem. I didn’t really get to know you, and I’m thinking of you a lot with your recent health concern. Hang in there buddy.

Balto. My HOF day quit partner. You did it friend. Good job. You say, “don’t dip and live.” I think I will take your advice.

Burton. Jeep jeep jeep. What color is that damn jeep? Burton, you are a kid…a damn SMART kid. Stupid for startin’ but smart for quitting NOW, not when you’re a semi-geezer like me. Thanks for starting us off almost every single day since you have been here. You’re next kiddo!

Copefiend. What can I say. I know at 100 and beyond, I will call you XCopefiend. I think the quit is strong in you, and you make the group stronger. Lovin the “Manuary Dance.”

Chewbaka. Some of your posts at times shook me a little, but I realized you have the right attitude, even though it “seems” selfish…See the 3rd line in this post…I love me some me too!

NavyChief. Our paths haven’t directly crossed, but I have sent some PM’s your way when you went AWOL for a day or two. I’ve enjoyed your avatar changes that keep us all posted as to the talents of your wiener. Your wife is the lucky girl. Smokeyg has to be madly, incredibly jealous.

Ackerson22. You are the only guy I have actually talked to on the phone. The day I called you when you didn’t post (after you had posted several straight days) was a brief conversation, but I was at work and had to cut it short. Got you to post that day, though. At that time, your quit was so strong, you hardly ever thought of tobacco and actually forgot to post. Bless you. Just know that we are here if you need us.

jwendell. For the most part, you are (or seem) quiet. You are kind of like EF Hutton…You don’t say much, but when you speak, I listen. Thank you for sharing your experiences during your quit. These things help all of us.

BigPapa. I remember when you came into our group you were well into your quit. You don’t post often, but we know you’re there. Thanks for finding a place to add and receive support.

rpressley. We don’t hear from you much here, but according to PM’s, you seem to be steady in your quit. You know how to reach me if you need to!

Redrooster, JoeKidd, and others intermittent posters. We are here if you need us.

Last but absolutely not least, everyone who ever signed roll in January as support or otherwise. It helps tremendously, especially above the line, to see the support day in and day out. A few shoutouts:

BBJ. The rock. Hell, if I don’t see you by the time I post, I get a little panicky. Love the quotes and encouragement man.
Bubblehead, I’ve been watchin you drive that train since I’ve been here. Damn goo job friend, damn goo.
Animal, you shook Jan up when we were just postin roll and not bitchin and moanin much. Love to see you post man!

CJ, thanks for helping inspire me to watch :ph43r: for my fellow brothers and attempt to pay it forward. thanks for quitting with me/us.

Smokeyg. The wittiest fag wannabe on the site. Love the commentary, wit, and quit wisdom. You rock. Best be postin in MANUARY even when we go below the line.

Jpine. The Infamous Jpine. Yeah, you made my speech, which you say each of us should strive to do. In your trollish way, you do make quit interesting. But I understand that there is a true quit warrior inside of “captain sensitve.” FUJPYFF. ‘Finger’…couldn’t resist.

I heard at an early age, “winners never quit and quitters never win.” That works for a lot of things, but when it comes to tobacco, this QUITTER is a WINNER. Thanks and good night.


NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member quit_to_win

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