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I was looking at another quit site, and was struck by their insistence that everyone stay positive and would only allow positive things to be posted. “Don’t feel bad if you fail, just believe in yourself”: that kind of thing. I won’t say it’s not helping somebody, but it’s some kind of straight-from-the-throne-of-grace miracle if it does, in my opinion.

I’m bumping my response to come under what you’ve said signal, because that’s exactly my point. “For the most part you will only receive that non acceptance … here at KTC.”

That’s what accountability looks like in real life. Homer Simpson wouldn’t get promoted for sleeping through a core melt-down, he’d be fired and would have to change his name and leave town. Judas doesn’t get sympathy cards from the other disciples, he hangs himself and dies alone and when he’s cut down his guts spill out. Those self-esteem preachers are lying to people when they substitute feeling good about yourself for gut-wrenching repentance. If I were to cave I don’t want to be treated like a victim, I’m a liar and dang it I expect to be treated like one.

Flattery, platitudes and lax expectations are forms of hatred.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member 30yraddict

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