2010 HOF Speeches

So Here It Is – 100 Days

Big Perm avatarI have been told to do this speech. To be honest I don’t know what to say that most of you don’t know. I started to out with Cope about 19 years ago when I was in the Army. I tried to quit a few times but It didn’t stick. Jump ahead 19 years and I wanted to quit, I didn’t want to try. I wanted to stop. So I did, that evening I found this site. I joined up and got active by reading everything and posting roll. Not dipping was easier then I thought. Not buying Cope and dipping was harder. It wasn’t just one thing, I had to learn to go to the store and NOT buy cope. I would stare at it like a crack head. I almost had a tear coming out of my eye one day. I had to reprogram myself to live without Cope. With the help of just talking with everyone on here was a big help for me. The Chat room, posting roll and reading everyone’s post. With the help of a lot of people I can sit here knowing I will not dip anymore. So KTG, SETH, Outdoorsman88, tattedquitter, Croc, Chewie, TCOPE, SteveS, MOA, SamCat and many others. I say thank you. There is one more, KTC in all it glory. I have my life back. Yes I am still a dick but a dick without dip.

No more hiding my Cope from anyone. I don’t need anymore fatties, worm dirt, rubs and pinches. I dont need that shit, and you know this..

Big Perm
Steven M. Hardman

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Big Perm

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