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SoccerJack HOF Speech

SoccerJack avatar“SoccerJack”? What the hell kind of lame handle is that? I will tell you straight up: It’s the kind of flippant name you pick for yourself when you are on day 5 of your quit, your mind is fucked, you just found this website with all sorts of great information, and you’re just plugging some damn words into the registration box to find out what the fuck is on the forum and you don’t want to give some group of weirdos your real name or any of your other online handles because you’re afraid they will find you elsewhere online and troll the fuck out of you.

Thus, I am only SoccerJack here.

The first time I thought about changing my name was after reading Syndrome’s entire introduction thread and his Hall of Fame speech. From the git go, just genius. Later on in my quit I thought about changing my name after encountering much cooler names like Cornholio, IncredibleDucky, walterwhite, Leonidas, Thumblewort . . . Hell, even wildirish317 has more character than my piece of trash.

But I haven’t even thought about a name change in awhile, and there probably won’t be one.

My handle here is a constant reminder of how warped my mind had become. How far I had let my health go for my addiction. The mountain I had to climb to stop using poison. It’s a scar that shows how much it took for my bull-headed, dumb shit self to make the decision to really quit.

Read my introduction. Go ahead and read it now and then come back.

That guy there would have caved. That dude caved a bunch of times over the years. That fucker in that introduction didn’t even think he was an addict.

That person no longer exists, because of this website.

Thank you March Madhouse of Mayhem. Thank you veterans. Thank you to others still marching to reach this modest milestone in a lifetime of quit. I look forward to continuing this dysfunction, and support, for many days to come.


NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member SoccerJack

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