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The HerdJason Fonzi has informed me of his decision to no longer post roll with this group citing that the only time he thinks of tobacco is when he gets on the site to post roll and read the forums and that it amplifies his cravings. He intends to stay quit but will no longer participate with October.

I reject this decision. However, Jason has free will and a right to leave if he wishes.

What each of us must come to grips with is that our free will is what brought us to this moment. We freely chose to put poison in our mouths and by doing so surrender that very free will and became addicts.

We each have been given a chance by using this site and its support to win our freedom back.

On the surface any logical person would agree with his decision. If the site is what amplifies your cravings then you have to leave it otherwise it might lead to your failure. But as I think about it more as an addict it becomes very clear to me what is happening…The Nic Bitch is trying to separate you from the herd.

Most likely 99.9% of us on this site have tried to do the Manly “I can do this all by my damn self” Quit. And 100% of us have failed in this method. By singling you out and separating you from the herd, you become easy prey. It might take a day, it might take a month, it might take 3 years but the Nic Bitch will eventually show up and attack. What will you do then? Stand up to her alone as many of us have tried and failed before? Or will you call in the cavalry, circle the wagons, and use numbers to beat her back?

Everyday you post roll, you reaffirm your membership with the herd. And by doing this, you have amassed an army in the thousands to back you up in every battle you will ever have with her.

I hope that he stays quit and we never see him back in some future group posting a day 1. I really hope he’ll show back up and start posting roll with us again. But realistically the stats are overwhelmingly against him.

This is just my opinion and would love to hear others opinions on this.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member SouthPaw32

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