Ode to a Lesson Learned

Toe Tag

We talk bad about cavers, and yeah we ride their ass, But what about the caver who comes back with class? We ask them those questions, the why, when and how? But the bottom line remains: Whatcha gonna do NOW? I met a new friend, ToeTag is his name, He’s … Continue reading

What Do You Want From KillTheCan.org?

Tuco's Grill avatar

What, exactly, do you want out of KTC? What makes the prospect of KTC different than other approaches you might have tried on previous quit attempts? Is it the fact that it’s nic-free, unlike those worthless patches or nic mints you found yourself using to get by? Is it that … Continue reading

KillTheCan.org Enters The Blogosphere


It’s been a long time coming but KillTheCan.org finally has it’s own blog.  I’m thinking this could be a great addition to the site, live chat & community that we currently have.  Any way we can help people quit their addiction to smokeless tobacco, dip, snuff and chew the better!