2014 HOF Speeches

Just Do It – Quitting Is The Solution

Verachiel avatarDay 146 for me . Never thought I would make it this far back during those horrible few weeks in the beginning.

This speech is going to be short and sweet . QUIT NOW.

I for one am I glad I quit at 20 . I only dipped for a couple years but make no mistake I was a addict and a heavy 2 can a day user . I tried quitting before actually found this site and quit for 9 days didn’t post roll and relapsed 9 days later. Hard . For me peer pressure was huge at first friends all smoking and not understanding the idea of quit to no for health reasons . Try telling 20′ somethings cancer is looming just around the corner and it’s like trying to tell an adult Santa is real. I for one new it was a reality it was a fact I knew that I would kill myself with the can and I , in my addict mind had thought ” o well gotta die from something ” . That’s the hold nicotine has on users . You will convince yourself you need it and that whatever risk and negatives that come along with it are the price you’ll pay. How sick . For me the suck was pretty bad but knowing that others had made it through on this site made me KNOW . That I would to. All along having ktc at your back you know for a 100% fact it’s do able. It’s not a debate it’s not ” well maybe I can quit but maybe I can’t idk” no its a 100% fact that it is possible to quit and stay quit if you use this site follow the rules and hold yourself accountable for your actions . Show some self respect and quit.

Also when it gets ruff and it will get ruff I like to go back and remeber all the terrible times with tobacco. The Gum aches , canker sores on the tongue the lips, scrapping money together for a can , and I don’t know how many times I would search through old cans trying to get enough flakes together for a decent dip. Getting headaches for high blood pressure . Gutting the juice at work having a stomach ache. Looking people in the eye with a dip in and seeing on there face the disgust. AL these things were constant and reoccurring. Why endure them ? Nicotine addiction is the anwser. Quitting is the solution.

Imagine waking up feeling normal? Not that irate foggy feeling but clear headed and not even reaching for a can. Imagine not having to worry about your next chance to dip not having to worry about your mouth and gums not having to look for a spitter not having a sore tongue not looking for a place that sells “your” chew . Imagine that freedom. You’l be able to smile freely and live freely . And the best part is its all free .

Post roll keep your word repeat daily .

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Verachiel

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