Never Think You Can Control Nic

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My nicotine addiction began when I was 15/16yrs. old in the glory years of 1978/’79. These were the times when Earl Campbell and Walt Garrison did TV commercials for Skoal and Copenhagen with the catchphrase “just a pinch between your cheek and gum”, as I recall a can of snuff … Continue reading

What’s Wrong With the Occasional Cigar?

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One day back in October of 2016, a dumbass smoked a cigar while the rest of his group was just beginning to cross the HOF line. These were the parting words to his group: Hey guys, I didn’t post a promise today, and this is why. I came to KTC … Continue reading

Frobozz’s Hall of Fame Speech

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Well, here we are. I’m now in the KTC Hall Of Fame, enjoying my 100th day of freedom. The awesome majesty of that gleaming locomotive pulling up to the main platform in Union Station in Washington, DC to pick me up is a sight I’ll not soon forget. A finely … Continue reading