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Healthy Ways to Control Nicotine

Forbidden No SmokingCigars, pipes, tobacco, and cigarettes are made with dried tobacco leaves with the drug nicotine. Nicotine and other additives and chemicals get added to these products to make them so addictive that they are hard to quit.

Studies suggest that there are about six hundred ingredients in a cigarette. These six hundred ingredients create more than seven thousand chemicals that have a disastrous impact on your health. Even though the dreaded effects of nicotine on health are unknown to anyone, the substance is so addictive that quitting can be one of the hardest things to do.

Here’s a few healthy ways to control nicotine…

1.   Choose Foods That Can Help Smokers Quit

Cigarettes tend to block the effective absorption of several essential nutrients like Vitamin C, D and Calcium. For instance, smoking one cigarette can drain your body of about twenty-five mg of Vitamin C. Getting more veggies and fruits in your diet will help restore these crucial nutrients and help reduce your cravings. Drinking milk and dairy products gives cigarettes a bitter aftertaste. So, whenever you face a nicotine craving, consume dairy products or drink some milk. Making the cigarettes taste bad may just deter you from smoking.

Ginseng Tea might also help to weaken dopamine, which is the neurotransmitter in the brain that gets released on smoking tobacco. Have ginseng tea to make nicotine less enjoyable with each passing day. You can get a significant amount of help from a natural compound like CBD by Sunday Scaries CBD. Alternatively, you can consume CBD in a variety of ways to unwind and help deal with withdrawal symptoms.

2.   Start Going for Exercise and Workouts Regularly

Nicotine can improve your mood and give you a false sense of pleasure and well-being due to the brain’s dopamine. You might start feeling depressed without the drug, which is where the cravings start. The good news is that exercise and workouts help in the release of happy hormones in the brain.

Thirty minutes of exercise every day can help you overcome the feelings of depression and fatigue by boosting the release of the feel-good hormones called endorphins. Exercise also lets sleep soundly, but remember… you should exercise at least four hours before sleeping so you’re not too ‘pumped up’ to fall asleep.

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3.   Resort to Healthy Ways of Keeping Yourself Distracted

When you have an intense nicotine craving, give your mouth something to chew to keep your mind distracted. You can try sunflower seeds, nuts, celery, raw carrots, hard candy, or sugarless gum because these are all satisfying and crunchy options. There’s also a SLEW of great smokeless alternatives products that contain no nicotine and no tobacco.

Another technique that most smokers claim to work is to delay their nicotine craving. Tell yourself that you need to wait for at least thirty more minutes, and do something during this time to keep yourself busy. You can try going to a smoke-free, public place to control your tobacco cravings. Continue to increase this delaying time so that you have less and less nicotine with each passing day.

5.   Look For Support from Acquaintances and Online

We LOVE this one. You can talk to a friend or family member about your desire to stay away from nicotine and the difficulties you’re facing in trying to quit the habit. Talk to your acquaintances, go out with friends, share a few jokes, and keep your mind occupied and happy in the process.

Several online stop-smoking programs (*wink *wink are also a massive help in this regard. You can engage in a support group and talk to experts who will help you in this regard. Reading a quitter’s blog might also give you the necessary encouragement to control and finally banish nicotine from your life. Make sure to keep reminding yourself about the benefits of doing something like this.

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5.   Get Enough Sleep to Cope With the Changes

While trying to get rid of nicotine dependence, your body is going through a lot of changes. You might start feeling extra tired during this period of nicotine withdrawal. It is okay to feel a bit down and depressed, as mentioned before.

Take naps and go to bed early to deal with these changes your mind and body are encountering. Your body will continue to detox while you are sleeping. You need the rest to rejuvenate and get rid of that sluggish feeling you have been feeling all day – even since you started staying away from nicotine.


Remember that trying to beat the nicotine urge is not an easy thing to do. It is not something that you will accomplish in a day or even a week. But the fact that you are focused on quitting is a great sign. It is always better to try to control nicotine than to give in to the urge readily. Start slowly, follow the ways stated above, and you can surely be the QUITTER before you know it!

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