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5 Habits To Quit Tobacco Consumption

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You might have thought about quitting tobacco on several occasions, but alas, it is easier said than done. Nicotine addiction can take a heavy toll on your system. To overcome it, you require synchrony among your body, brain, and mind. It may sound complex but once you start to decode it you will realize that giving up on tobacco has a lot to do with balance. You will have to understand that it is a physical and mental phenomenon that requires a lot of patience.

Gradually you will have to build upon habits that will take you there. In this article, let’s explore five practices that can help you quit tobacco. Read on to find out how you can prepare your mind and body for a beautiful transition to being free from tobacco and nicotine.

1. Work On Relieving Stress

Learning to manage stress at this stage allows you to nip anxiety that may come, followed by intense cravings. You can also use CBD to restore mental peace. Fortunately, it can work two folds to help you in this situation. Firstly, it works on your endocannabinoid system to influence your homeostatic activities like stress and anxiety. Therefore, it can help you maintain calmness. Secondly, it may also be useful in alleviating nicotine addiction. The latest research shows that consuming CBD can curb smoking craving, thus supporting your quit journey. CBD is a natural compound that is safe to consume. It does not lead to any side-effects or addiction. The good thing is you can choose from a wide array of CBD edibles to add them effortlessly to your routine.

2. Rely On Healthy Habits

Quitting as it is can be tolling and demand some extra physical care. Taking care of your body means you are providing yourself firm ground to heal and recover. To provide for a balanced internal physical system, you must:

  • Exercise for 30-40 minutes every day – It can be a fantastic way to distract yourself from your cravings. Exercise at the time when you experience maximum urges. The high level of serotonin and increased blood flow naturally lifts your mood.
  • Drink enough water throughout the day – It can help you flush out body toxins. A well-hydrated body supports overall balance and harmony.
  • Sleep for 7-8 hours – Completing your sleep cycles keeps your mind relaxed.
  • Eat Nutritiously – If food options confuse you, take guidance from an expert. Foods like fresh fruits and vegetables and certain herbal teas can fill your reserves and support cessation.

Improving your lifestyle habits will fix internal weakness which have a significant impact on your journey to quit using tobacco.

3. Have A Support System

Apart from balancing your internal health, your external environment is another factor that can make or break your habits. Your close group of friends and social settings you remain in can act as your triggers or motivate you to not indulge in smoking or dipping. If your immediate circle does not support you, it’s better to avoid them for a while, especially in the initial days when the mind is seeking an opportunity to go astray. Similarly, you may avoid parties and alcohol, where all you could think about is using. Choose your company wisely, and never be afraid to seek help. You can join a counseling session or group where people with similar mindsets can support you. Hmm… where can you find a group of ex-dippers to help you along the way? Our support forums have THOUSANDS of quitters JUST LIKE YOU who are quitting on a daily basis – check them out at

Support Group


4. Learn Self  Motivation

You can be your greatest admirer or your greatest foe. The mindset you develop decides how your overall journey will be – shake-up negative thoughts by re-enforcing positive thought patterns. Always remind yourself by reminding yourself why you decided to quit. Instead of falling into a negative spiral of thoughts, lean on some affirmative thoughts.

Repeating them can help you stay consistent. Another classic way to stay motivated is similar to the positive reinforcement or reward systems organizations adopt. Never forget to reward yourself for showing consistency. Book yourself a spa or buy your favorite pair of shoes. Go out for a steak dinner or buy yourself that bottle of bourbon you’ve had your eye on. Attach rewards that you deem valuable with your goals and harness the power of reinforcement.

5. Practice Breath Exercises and Meditation

Indeed, smoking and dipping cessation does not come easy. Especially when you are in the early stages of your journey, there will be times during the day when you will have strong nicotine urges. If you often feel anxious and stressed about quitting, make sure to take a step back and analyze the entire situation. For this, you may learn some simple breathing exercises that can turn your attention inward. It can help you deal with the moments of panic and reduce the chances of relapse. A simple 3-2-3 breathing exercises can often get you past a bad crave. Breathe in for a count of three, pause for two, and breath out for the count of three.

The Bottom Line

Getting over your old habits is hard, especially those that have stayed with you for your adult years. There are quitters that were using for four or five DECADES. However challenging it may seem, remember it all depends on your willingness. At times you may have to push yourself, but there will come a moment when you will have determination far more robust than you thought. Be patient and remember to treat yourself with love during the entire process. Take your time to thank and nurture your body, it’s the only one you have.

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