Ode To Day NINETY-NINE! – Committed

99 Days of Freedom

Do you hear that sound? The train is coming for me! Tomorrow will mark 100 days free! I’ve worked my ass off to make it this far, Done some weird things, you might call Bazaar. Like one day I was craving really, really, bad, Didn’t want to give in, but … Continue reading



Are you sure it wasn’t the water? Or some kind of hoochie you were smoking? Did you do a 3-some with a mexicano, and pick up something that felt like a “craving”….. And really, name ONE thing in this world that is not nagging sometimes…. car kids wife girlfriend computer … Continue reading

Why We Meet – The KillTheCan.org Brotherhood

FLORIDA LUKE, Radman & Wedge

I wanted to share something with you that I recently ran across on the quit forums.  We talk all the time about how our site is built on accountability.  I’m often asked how we’re different than other groups out there and what makes us “better”.  I’ve talked about that in … Continue reading