Cancer and Quitter Stories

When Do We Realize That Quitting Was For The Best

How LongHow long did you dip? For me it was 33 years. How long have you been quit? For me, a little over a year and a half.

In the scheme of things, a year and a half quit isn’t crap compared to 33 years of dipping. There is a reason for the 100 days quit and entering the hall of fame. It’s not a magical number and your craves won’t go away. But they will be less and less and less with each passing day. It takes forever to get to 100 days quit. Good lawd it’s a long time. But from 100 to 200………it’s a blink of an eye. You don’t even know it’s happening. You wake up one day at 199 and go damn, where did the time go? Did I even think about dipping last week? From 200 to 300, even mo better. Where did the time go? Why does Whodey want to slap my ass? Why is it that looT and Ocho Cinco talk in the third person? Are they the same person? Why is Remy so anal and Chewie always posting about loving dip rage. Who in the hell is LDiddy? Why don’t SOS and Whodey just profess their love for each other and get it over with. These are the thoughts of a person going from 200 to 300. And a lot of us closed the door for good during that time. In the words of my good friend Mahum (whose incredible cooking recipes can be found in the food section in the Wildcard topic)… was the saddest day of my life and the happiest.

When you approach day 365, times slows a bit. Not because you’re craving, but because you are approaching one year of freedom. And you realize you haven’t even looked at the smokeless display at the C-store in months. You haven’t reached in your back pocket for a can, you kiss your wife (or significant other) with extreme prejudice. Life is frigging GOOD!! And brothers and sisters, I’m here to tell you, that is worth every damn second of every damn day you’re going through right now. And it gets better. Ask looT or Sioux. Go to 0905 and talk to those bitches. This is what we are here for. Go to the Old Timers section and talk to Tractor and Subcooling, Mahum, Arbcubed. Ask any of them what it’s like. A couple of these boys are over 1000 days!

Bitches……..that is huge. 1000 days of freedom? Can you imagine? I know it’s tough right now, but every single one of us has been right there. And we promise, I mean it, we swear to you that you can do it and that it will get so much better.

Hang tough CW and the rest of you. One day you’ll be telling someone exactly what I just told you. I know, cause someone told me the exact same thing. And they spoke the truth.

NOTE: This piece written by forum member Aquaman43

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  1. Man that’s awesome I’m 17 and have been dipping for 2 years and I wanna quit in the future so I don’t have to ease my hard earned money in some product that could give me cancer in the future I’m so glad I have found people just like me who I can look up to. Thankyou

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