Quitters at The Main Event in Alpharetta

The Main Event - Alpharetta

KillTheCan.org forum members Tonifer (Day 525), Lumberjack Tim (Day 1,060), Miles (Day 2,554), Jacobmldn (Day 249), Suthern_gntlman (Day 710), David S (Day 307) and Kylejw27 (Day 140) got together at The Main Event in Alpharetta, Georgia. 5,545 days of quit represented! Do you have a picture from a quitter meet … Continue reading

A Look at an Addict’s Past, Present and Future

David S avatar

I’m writing this “speech” for others as well as myself; for literally anyone who has interest in reading about my experience. I’m writing this to have something to look back on days, months, or years down the road as yet another piece of “ammunition” to protect myself from my addiction. … Continue reading