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What Is The Best Wintergreen Dip Alternative?

I get this question a lot! There are a TON of great smokeless alternatives (fake dip) out there that contain NO TOBACCO and NO NICOTINE. Wintergreen is a difficult flavor because it’s just SO subjective. For us wintergreen users out there it holds a special place in our heart.

Wintergreen Dip Feature

Below is my standard answer for when folks ask for a substitute for Wintergreen (Kodiak, Grizzly, Cope Wintergreen, etc.) I was a Kodiak Wintergreen guy so take my recommendations with a grain of salt. Check these out as a starting point:

Black Buffalo Long Cut Wintergreen

Hooch Snuff (Chattahoochee Herbal Snuff)

Schmitty’s Reserve Snuff – Hemp CDB Infused

Flora CBD Wintergreen

Would love to hear from some other former Wintergreen users out there. What is YOUR favorite alternative? Comment below!

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