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HOF – Step in the Right Direction

willy75 avatarOn June 27, 2017, I decided to quit chewing, again. I, like many others on this site have “stopped” tobacco, but never quit. I gave my last can of Grizzly to a buddy and here I am. Not really that simple!

I was fighting hard this first few weeks. I did a google search, and KTC showed up. I read several articles from the site on a daily basis. It helped me with my quit. I was reluctant to “join” the site, but eventually signed up on July 17th.

I did not know about the accountability aspect of the site at first. I missed posting roll several days while out of town. I received an email from FLLIP checking on me and making sure I was still quit. This is when I realized people on this site cared and paid attention to a quit brother! Thanks FLLIP!!! (I have not missed posting roll since that 1st weekend!!!)

I don’t have a lot of posts next to my name, but I can tell u I spend a lot of time on the site reading. Reading about victories and reading about fails. All educational opportunities to strengthen my quit.

Anyway, about my journey so far:
I quit for me…my health…my family…my life!
Early on in my quit, anxiety was a major issue for me…little things that shouldn’t bother me did…short fuzed…to the point I made an ass of myself in front of my wife and daughter, as well as family friends. I am sorry for that. I am sorry I ever started to dip.

Urges, triggers or whatever you call them. The things we did that we all used to associate with chewing. For me, that pretty much turned to everything or anytime my wife wasn’t next to me.

I still at times reach in the door pocket of my truck when I get in..now I have a smokey mountain in there just in case.

I read somewhere on this site that urges only last a few seconds…some last longer in my opinion. They are overcome by using your mind…the strongest part of the human body.

The urges are fewer now and shorter in duration. They are reminders that I am not miraculously cured of the addiction.

Over time, I started to realize that I wasn’t sneaking around on my wife anymore. I started to realize I was free…I fear caving, but I am confident in my quit. I once commented in a post to our group to be humble in your quit. Respect the drug, respect the addiction…conquer the quit.

I made it to the hall. In that I am proud! It is a step in the right direction. I will continue my quit, using the tools I’ve learned at KTC. ODAAT!!!

Stay quit brothers and sisters!


NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member willy75

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