2018 HOF Speeches

Texas Chief HOF 150

Texas Chief avatarToday, the day began much like it does every day in San Diego. But today was anything but customary. Today marks my 150 Days of Quit. I have had the opportunity to scrutinize everything in regard to my quit; and that inventory was well past due. Of course, reviewing the past is full of intricate details that perhaps I overlooked at the onset of my addiction to nicotine. Without any health issues or financial difficulties, there simply was no red flag to warn of danger. Moving forward, I began observing red flags of health and rising costs. I have saved as of today, Day 150, $3,514.50. Now that is some real savings! Game is won right? No, not by a long shot. This leads me to a far more precarious situation; staying quit. Each day we are faced with demanding and challenging situations; specifically, being face to face with nicotine whether it be at the store, friend, family or coworker! So how exactly did KTC work; and continues to work? KTC allowed me to be commingled with my quit; this meaning, I am invested in my quit. This is a key component of my quit (and yours): accountability. My recommendation to those who follow behind me; immerse yourself into your quit.

You ARE your quit and your QUIT is you.

Best wishes of continued quit to all who seek it.


NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Texas Chief

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