2014 HOF Speeches

Pit Viper’s HOF Speech – Excuses Wouldn’t Work Anymore

Viper avatarAt the age of 15 I became a slave to nicotine. At first, I felt in control, alive. It started with Skoal Bandits. We use to sneak them at school. It was fun.

Soon the fun wasn’t there so much as the need. Like any other addiction, it took control from me. Soon I was checking my can to see if I had enough to last me til the next day, searching my truck for just enough change to buy a can. Cleaning out the endless abyss of empty snuff cans and spit bottles in my truck or car. I’m sure you all know what I mean.

Sadly this went on for the next 17 years or so. My wife, the doctors, the dentist, they all tried to get me to quit, even tried meds to help me quit. Every time I thought about quitting, I would end up using more. Every time I worried about my gums bleeding, or the white patches of skin in my mouth, or the raw bloody patches, I would end up using more.
Until one day, I’m not sure what changed in me, I logged on to the computer and searched quitting smokeless tobacco, and stumbled across this site.

To this day, I don’t know why I quit, and I don’t want to question it. Maybe it’s because when I read some of the posts here, I realized, there is life after the nic bitch. If these guys did it, so can I. All I know is that it opened my eyes, the excuses wouldn’t work anymore. NO MORE BULLSHIT. I CAN’T PUSS OUT AND LET DOWN MY GROUP. I now had to keep my word.

It has not been easy, but when it seemed to hard to keep my quit, I would read the roll call, I would get on chat, or I would text my buddy Yemtig, he was going threw it with me, he understood.Its hard to believe it has been 100 days since I quit, but there is no magical number saying that it’s over. Still have make that concise decision each day, not to become that slave again.

In closing, I want to say Thanks you Thank you to all of you here on KTC. I know that I’ve been pretty quiet these first 100 days of my quit, posted roll and moved along, but I’m here for the long haul. If I can help just one person break free of their addiction, I will do all I can. One again,Thank you all for your support, tough love and friendship. QLF EDD ODAAT with you all.

Pit Viper aka Greg

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Pit Viper

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