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Change Your Vocabulary - Hope is Not a StrategyPeople decide to quit chewing tobacco for many different reasons and with many different mindsets.  Some people enter their quits KNOWING that they’re done.  Others get a bad report at the dentist or find a sore in their mouth and get scared into quitting.  Others go into it knowing that they should quit, but not really believing that they can.

I often hear things like:

  • “Hopefully this will be my last quit.”
  • “I’m going to try and quit today.”
  • “I know what it takes to be successful.  The last time I quit…”

I’m here to tell you folks… Hope is not a strategy.  Remove the words “hope”, “try” and “if” from your vocabulary.  Replace them with “will”, “can” and “when”.  It seems like a simple thing but it’s a matter of perspective.  Stop thinking about “the last time you quit”.  It obviously didn’t work!  At, the concept of “quit” is final.  Don’t talk about the “last time” you quit – you didn’t.  If you must, refer to your last “attempt”.  That’s more accurate.

In your mind, take dip off the table.  It’s NOT an option.  Period end of story.  Once you grasp that concept things will get easier.  (Note that I didn’t say “easy” – just “easier”)

Your Vocabulary Makes a Difference

Stop “hoping” to be successful.  Grab your challenge by the balls and do it.  Make your decision.  Only you can.  In our support community no one will ever tell you that tacking your addiction is easy.  But I can tell you, and thousands of others will back me up, that the freedom that you gain is 100% worth every battle that you fight.

I refer to this line often and people think I’m kidding… I’m absolutely not.  There is real value in this quote regardless of the fact that a little green man with green ears said it:

“Do or do not.  There is no try.” – Yoda

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brand clothing
14 years ago

I refer to this line often and people think I’m kidding

Dr. Bruce Banner
Dr. Bruce Banner
14 years ago

that quote is what convinced me to make up my mind to be done, finished, quit…. I am a quitter…Thanks Chewie

14 years ago

Nice post Chewie! It really does take a complete mindset. As long as folks are “trying” or “making an attempt”, it’s giving them their out. “I’ll try to quit again” needs to change to “This is the difference. I’m done!”

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