The Difference Between ‘Us’ and ‘Them’

Twitter 256x256Not sure how many of you are on the Twitter bandwagon but I ran across this just today and it got me to thinking.

As you know, we take a rather “extreme” stance on the forums when it comes to people going back to the can/pack.  I often say, “We bust balls because we care,” and I honestly believe that.  This is the difference that sets us apart.  This is an adult addiction and we can’t be coddled and successful at the same time.

Many times, people have soft language when they start a quit.  I and others urge them to change their vocabulary as they move forward in their quit.  Being a successful quitter has nothing to do with luck but more to do with a conviction to finally (for some after many decades) get it done.

I ran across this “tweet” from one of the NRT companies out there and it struck me… you’d NEVER hear this from one of our members.  And that’s why I think we’re so successful:

#MondaySucks! Don’t worry if your resolution had a slip over the weekend. It doesn’t mean you failed. It’s important to start back up again.

I’m not trying to start a “Is NRT a viable way to quit” discussion.  That’s been covered more times that I can count.  If you want more details on NRT you can check here: What’s Really In NRT?  However, I do honestly think that when you’re ready to quit you should go at it 100% and not look back.  Will everyone be 100% successful right off the bat?  Absolutely not… but you’d better be prepared to “feel bad” about it if you fail.  At failure quite simply is not an option.  After all, you’re dealing with a life and death situation.  Why should it be?  As a very smart man once said, “Do or do not… there is no try.”

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