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Why Are You So Opposed To Nicotine-Laced Alternatives?

Slave To NicotineThe question of NRT (nicotine replacement therapy) and the concept of “harm reduction” comes up quite often on the forums and on the site.  Typically, the question gets raised by someone trying to throw numbers, studies and “proof” that nicotine and smokeless tobacco really isn’t that bad for you.  As we all know that numbers can be made to tell any story I normally don’t bother engaging.

However recently, we received a comment from Steve who asked the question rather intelligently and genuinely seemed to be interested in a response… or at least I took it that way.

So… here’s the question and my response:

Steve’s Question

“Just curious…why are you so opposed to nicotine-laced alternatives? It’s the same as nicotine patches/gum, only more effective since the user, in theory, gets to retain the habit. Only the new habit (e-cigs included) contain far fewer harmful chemicals and carcinogens. In fact, the ecig liquid contains just a handful of ingredients (water, veggie glycol and glycerin, nicotine). None of which or overly alarming.

Over the past 5+ decades, we’ve seen how difficult and ineffective the “cold turkey” strategy is. It carries a very high rate of relapse. With alternatives, you retain the option to quit while reducing the harm. I can’t even fathom why anyone would oppose that.

And I can’t stand “the children” argument. Nicotine alternatives require the customer to be 18 or older, just like tobacco. It’s not any more difficult or easy to obtain than tobacco. It actually helps young people. If a teen is foolish enough to pursue a nicotine product (a decision he/she will likely make regardless of the availability of alternatives), at least the alt. product will not obliterate his/her health. And the “road to tobacco” counter argument to that is foolish. The arrow points the other way.

Just food for thought. Not intending to offend anyone or bash their thoughts.”

Chewie’s Response

“I appreciate the question Steve. I’ll try an answer is succinctly.

I’m opposed to nicotine-lace alternative for one reason – they contain nicotine. I am/was addicted to nicotine. Therefore, if I was going to quit, I needed to get rid of that thing I was addicted to… nicotine.

The fact that these products, “contain far fewer harmful chemicals and carcinogens” (which I don’t necessarily agree with but won’t bother debating right now) is irrelevant. I was addicted to a substance and I got rid of it. Period.

As for how difficult cold turkey is… I don’t dispute that and never will. It’s hell.

As for relapse rates… I don’t dispute that either. However we’ve developed a plan at that when followed virtually eliminates relapse. Is it easy? Absolutely not. Is it successful? Absolutely.

My argument against “harm reduction” has always been this: I’d rather not be addicted to something than be addicted. I’ve also used the analogy: If someone shoots me in the head with a 9mm vs shooting me in the head with a 357 Magnum, the harm has been “reduced”… the outcome unfortunately is the same.

As for “the children” argument, I’m not quite sure what you’re saying, but I THINK I agree with you there as well. Children will get alternative products just as easily as they’ll get tobacco. I’m happy to discuss further.”

You can find the original discussion on the Elicit Herbal Chew Review.

What do you think about NRT and “harm reduction”?  Am I off base?

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  1. i agree nicotine replacement doesn’t kick the habit we all want gone. 2 years ago I found zyn pouches and they helped me get off of grizzly wintergreen pouches but I found I kept pushing off my quit date for the zyn. I eventually became addicted to zyn the same way I was addicted to dip. I finally quit 11 days ago and the cravings for zyn are the same as for dip. I am against nicotine laced alternatives.

  2. Chewie states, “… we’ve developed a plan at that when followed virtually eliminates relapse.”

    – Where can I see this plan?

    1. The Plan…

      1) Wake up
      2) Promise not to dip today (post roll)
      3) Live nic free
      4) Repeat tomorrow

      It’s not ‘easy’ but it literally is that ‘simple’

      1. I quit cold turkey once, failed, learned my lesson. Quit with no aides again and this time I followed their plan.
        I am on day 374. It works.
        Thanks KTC


  3. The more studies that are done on e-cigs the more and more we are finding out that there is more to this than the simple few products that you mentioned. There is no regulation of the product, there is no requirement for the manufacturers to list ingredients, they are not interested in harm reduction. They are interested in one thing. Your money. The business model of any nicotine related company is addiction. For many, many years it has been well documented that the big tobacco and big pharma companies are doing everything in their power to make sure you get hooked right from the beginning. A simple search on a news website will tell you that e-cigs are far from harmless-
    Just look at the first 4 stories

  4. For most addicts I know, the NRT was a bridge – they would decide to “quit” tobacco products using NRT and would cruise along for some time, even weaning down to infrequent (but still daily) use. Then, some life event (good or bad) would present them the opportunity or motive to go back to tobacco and they would take it. They never broke the chains of addiction, never actually allowed their brain and body chemistry to re-regulate without nicotine. Further, I highly doubt anyone is jumping into nicotine use using the patch, gum, or e-cigs (yet). So the argument about availability and initial use is somewhat silly IMO.

    Last point – the cost is another HUGE driver of folks going back to tobacco as the delivery method. Most NRT products are prohibitively expensive when compared to a can or pack of smokes. Not sure on the e-cig side, but I would venture a guess its not that much cheaper than premium brand cigs or chew.

    It ALWAYS comes down to the individual when quitting. Ultimately, if you truly desire to be free from nicotine slavery you WILL have to go “cold turkey.” Company cold turkey methods to NRT methods is NOT valid, as one is meant to alter the delivery method and the other stops the delivery altogether. I know deep down if I had used NRT’s instead of cold turkey with a support and accountability system 3+ years ago I would most likely have been back to the can within weeks. I am very fond of “harm elimination” over harm reduction, thank you very much.

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