Why Are You So Opposed To Nicotine-Laced Alternatives?

Slave To Nicotine

The question of NRT (nicotine replacement therapy) and the concept of “harm reduction” comes up quite often on the KillTheCan.org forums and on the site.  Typically, the question gets raised by someone trying to throw numbers, studies and “proof” that nicotine and smokeless tobacco really isn’t that bad for you. … Continue reading

NBC’s Biggest Loser – Short Cuts Galore

The Biggest Loser

One of NBC’s most popular show is called The Biggest Loser.  If you’re not familiar with the show, contestants go on and go through a “boot camp” like program in order to lose weight.  During last week’s show one of the contestants, Mike Messina, was shown to be a nicotine … Continue reading

KTC, Facebook and The Great American Spit Out

Quit Tobacco Make Everyone Proud

Recently, there was an event called the Great American Spit Out hosted by Quit Tobacco – Make Everyone Proud. The description of the event (from the GASpO website) is below: Kiss smokeless tobacco goodbye for a day and get ready to pucker up. You’ll be more attractive, increase your social network … Continue reading

The Difference Between “Us” And “Them”

Twitter 256x256

Not sure how many of you are on the Twitter bandwagon but I ran across this just today and it got me to thinking. As you know, we take a rather “extreme” stance on the forums when it comes to people going back to the can/pack.  I often say, “We … Continue reading

What’s Really In NRT?

Nicorette Gum Package

NRT (nicotine replacement therapy) is a common topic of discussion on the forums.  These products are marketed toward (primarily) people trying to quit smoking and naturally people who are attempting to quit chewing are drawn toward these products as well.  I get asked often about what’s really IN these products … Continue reading