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The Highly Effective Habits of The Nic-Bitch

KillTheCan Goodbye TomorrowAnd Why Tomorrow Means You Just Lost

TRUTH: The only way the nic-bitch gets a hit of nicotine is if she can convince YOU to plan, obtain and ingest nicotine. She has NO choices available. Only YOU have free will, the power of Choice.

How does she win? How does a cretin with no free will, no ability to obtain nicotine get it?

  1. The Nic-Bitch is laser focused on TODAY. TODAY is all that matters to her. REPEAT, TODAY IS ALL THAT MATTERS TO HER. Nicotine use today = Victory.How do you counter? You must focus only on TODAY. Not next week’s test or tax season or whatever. Today.
  2. The Nic-Bitch begins with the end in mind – Nicotine today.How do you counter? The quitter MUST begin with the end in mind. Each Today begins by Posting Roll ~ Begin the Today with a promise. “I will not use nicotine Today”.
  3. The Nic-Bitch offers fake Win-Win schemes. She will whisper in your ear and will accept any scheme you come up with about the future if she gets today. She is firm in her negotiations. “Yes, the plan to quit tomorrow is a great plan. Let’s get that can TODAY and enjoy, for tomorrow we genuinely strive to quit”.How do you counter? Know that she is deceitful. Know that she whispers. Your ONLY way out is NO nicotine TODAY. Period. Her Win-Win schemes are false promises.
  4. She seeks to further understand you. She seeks to maintain a relationship. She knows your weaknesses. She knows if you like a dip mowing, fishing, while driving to work. She will sit on the couch and whisper in your ear while you are home alone. She will ride shotgun on the way to work. She will walk in the gas station with you and stand next to the counter of multi-color death cans.How do you counter? Read, Read and Read this site. Many have kicked her ass daily. Learn from them. Know your weaknesses. Anticipate. Any by all means, hate her with vengeance. She seeks to understand you to exploit you and for no other reason. She is evil.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Scowick65

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