Dumone’s HOF Speech – Quit Today For Today

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I’m quitting tomorrow. I’m never doing this again. When I run out, that’s it. It’s going to be an awesome weekend… couple cans but come Monday, no more.  Sounding familiar? There are a million of these phrases for every million of these phrases. The only one that matters is the … Continue reading

Quitting Dip? You’re Not Alone

On Your Journey

When you’re quitting dip it’s easy to think that you’re on your own. I’m here to tell you that you’re not. On your journey toward freedom from tobacco, you are not alone. KillTheCan.org has thousands of members, just like you, who are working daily to rid themselves of their addiction. … Continue reading

‘A New World’ Without Tobacco

A New World Without Tobacco

The 2016 Summer Olympics officially get underway this evening being held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The official tagline of these Games of the XXXI Olympiad is “A New World”. If you’re a quitter you know just how appropriate these words are. When you’re ready, a new world without tobacco is within … Continue reading