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The Lies Dippers Weave

LiesI ran across this post on the forums this morning from ATL-NinjaDip and had to share. It amazes me how strong the grip of tobacco addiction was over me. I wasn’t a ninja dipper the way he was, but I had several internal conversation just like this during my dipping days.

Thinking of weird shit I used to think about when I was dipping.

As my username indicates, I was a Ninja Dipper. I could hide my dip better than anyone, and I did, for about 11 years. I could dip in polite society, gut the juice, an no-one was the wiser.

As I drove to and from work in this god awful ATL traffic, I used to wonder what to do if I got into a wreck. I was so afraid that I might get into an accident, become incapacitated, and the paramedics would have to pull a big wad of dip out of my trachea, or my wife would find out about my dip stash in the truck. I used to think about where I could hide my stash so that if I got into a wreck, no one would discover it. I never really found a good place, because, Duh, if you’re that fucked up in a wreck, your dip stash is probably smashed too. So I spent time concocting the story I would tell my wife, just in case it came up. 
“It wasn’t mine.”
“Must have been the paramedics.” 

Stupid, stupid, stupid shit. Now that I’m 16 days into my quit, the fog is slowly lifting, and I’m looking back at the absolutely stupid things I was thinking and doing at the time.

Any other Ninja Dippers have elaborate cover-up stories for if/when they got busted? 

SO proud to be a quitter today. Never going back.

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  1. I was a ninja dipper all my life! My first ex wife had no idea this wife found out when we were first dating. And I quit. For a long time and then one day just picked it back up. Was gutting all the time never had a spit bottle as that would be hard to hide if anyone walked in the room. I also had hiding spots in each car. I switched from loose cope to pouches so that I did not have to rinse well before I got home and worry about it being in my teeth. I am not sure what I was going to do in case of an accident. I think I thought I would ask the cops or paramedics to keep it off the report and to get my stash out and get rid of the evidence for me. I am 13 days into my quit and feel so light about not having to lie anymore, the relief of not having to lie is the motivation to not go buy another can.

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