Cancer and Quitter Stories

Trust Me – We Can Do This!

Indiana Jones & IdolI’ve been where you’re at, maybe not the exact situation but I’ve been there.

It’s rough! It hurts! It stinks! You feel like punching something. Anything!

There’s an ache deep within .. like you can’t go on unless you have a dip in your mouth. You feel a dip will make things better. It’ll reduce your stress and make life easier. It’s become a daily ritual that’s been screwed up by this freakin’ site! Why do you even need this place? C’mon – just get a can and everything will seem better. Just one dip to ride you through! You’ve shown that you’re strong enough to quit. It’s just a dip not like you’ll be addicted from one dip. Trust me!

Have you thought this? I bet it’s safe to say you have. I know I have! But why?

Maybe you’re at the beginning of your quit or you’ve been quit for a few months, .. better yet you could be a seasoned vet when this creeps into your mind. Just because you’re quit doesn’t mean you’ll evade the nicotine demon totally from visiting your thoughts. It will from time to time slip in. At the beginning this might be your frame of mind every minute of every hour then once you start to get days under your belt, it becomes less and less of a thought or even an option. Truthfully the demon will always be there, .. ready to creep up at a moments notice … when you least expect it.

Be prepared!
Be ready to fight!

Because ultimately …
isn’t your life worth fighting for?

You and I will always be addicted to this demon so that’s why it’s fortunate that we have this site and these resources. Here .. we have others to help us change our way of thinking, to learn new ways to cope through stressful situations and friendships to gain by the mere fact that we’re in this together.
We can do this! You and I. Trust me!


NOTE: This piece written by forum member mylilsecret

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