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Quitin Spot Style

spot avatarFirst off let me tell you a bit about me. I am 25 years old I had a previous quit that lasted well into the 200’s that came apart one day because of what I thought a big issue. Well it now turns out that my big issue that I had then is nothing compared to the issues I face on a daily basis. I am currently deployed to Iraq and have been the entire duration of my quit. Some people say that doing this would be hard for them. Me I look at it as a chance to be in the most stressed out situation I can be and remove the one thing that I don’t need in my life. So I did it. I would have logs stashed all around my office and my room just in case the mail planes stopped coming and my supply was cut off. Matter of fact we had a time when that happened and as soon as I could I went to the store and bought another log just in case it lasted longer than I was prepared for. I actually look at quitting over here as a good start for me because when I was at home I had zero cravings whatsoever and I am hoping that is because I know I can handle them no matter the situation.

Well I did it I have woken up the past 100 days and not had the first thing I do put a dip in. My quit is unlike any other quit and I hope that some of the lessons I have learned can help someone on done the road.

  1. Just quit for today worry about tomorrow, tomorrow. Don’t even put the idea in your head that you are going to be quit forever. That is a long fucking time and well things can happen.
  2. Be involved. Get involved in your quit group these are the people that will be sluggin it out with you day in and day out. Hell you can only truly trust someone by getting to know them and the best way to do that is to be involved.
  3. Raise hell. Now this is one of my more favorite things to do. If you think that something is out of place or jacked up raise hell. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind about whatever you want.

Now those are the main three things that I have gotten out of my quit and I hope that it helps you in some sort of way.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member spot

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