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Why Chewie Loves Dip Rage

Dip RageDip rage is a very real part of quitting dipping… And quite frankly I love it… Here’s why

Sure it’s a little humorous to the vets to look at some of the ramblings but that’s CERTAINLY not the reason I like it.

I like it because it REMINDS me what I’ve gone through to get to this point in my quit… I’ve beaten it and I’m NEVER going back to those days again… You guys that are dealing with it now will feel the same way… I promise.

I like it because it’s conclusive proof that you guys are HEALING… You may not recognize it yet, but it’s one of many physical signs that your body is getting rid if the nic and quite frankly… it’s pissed. It’s pissed at you for starting in the first place, but now it’s pissed at you for taking it away… Look at this as a good thing! your quit is WORKING!!!

I’m not here to tell you that once you get past a certain day you’ll feel “all better”.  This addiction isn’t a “boo-boo” that we’re putting a band aid on. But I can tell you this: Once you’ve walked through the hell that is quitting, you’ll have a resolve that is greater than ever. You’ll look back on those first couple of weeks and REMEMBER the pure hell that you’re going through.

I’ve said it many times and I’ll repeat it now…

You’ll NEVER have to go through days 1-3 again… as long as you don’t cave.

Do you understand how powerful that is??? You’ll NEVER have to feel like this again – as long as you stick to the gameplan.

This will not be easy…
You will have bad days…
You will get pissed…
You will feel like shit…

But you WILL QUIT~

Two guarantees…

  1. Chewie’s here for you…
  2. You will NEVER wake up after a dip free day and say “Damn… wish I caved yesterday.”


Day 2 is just as important as day 102 or 202. It’s a day off dip that you’re no longer killing yourself. I don’t know ya but I love ya and I’m proud of ya. Part of what you’re dealing with is a memory – Your memory of a life with dip.

A quote from my HOF speech says it all… “A man is defined by his actions, not his memories.”

Your job is simple – Get quit and stay quit. Call for help. Post up and take it seriously. You’re in for the fight of your life… and FOR YOUR LIFE… we’re here for ya.


NOTE: This piece written by forum member chewie

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  1. Day 4 today.. Woke up some sort of way. Picked a fight with the wife here we are again! Me feeling bad and her pissed. Do the mornings get better? This is my second attempt and I’m feeling mildly discouraged even though I know I have the willpower to give it up. Is quitting worth my marriage and the happiness that comes along with it?

    1. First off… yes… quitting is worth it. In the end you and your wife will be happier with you as a quitter.

      That said, I won’t lie to you and tell you that my wife and I didn’t go to war during my quit. To say I was ‘grumpy’ is an understatement of epic proportions. Have her read this: It may give her some insight into what you’re dealing with.

      Hang in there man… the worst is about to be behind you.

  2. Ohhh man? halfway through day two cold turkey quit. The rage is real lol I know this bc I just got pissed off at a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for not spreading the way I wanted it too????‍♂️ Started at 12 am now 20.

  3. I’ve been on Copenhagen since the age of 9, I’m now 52.
    The only time I’ve been without was boot camp for four months and when deployed to Kuwait.
    Those times weren’t too hard, mainly because the situations kept me well occupied.

    I plan on quitting as soon as the last of what I have is gone, likely in a day and a half.
    I’m very concerned about the anger issue as I already have an anger issue as it is without adding to it.

  4. I am a disabled vet with PTSD I quit for 1 1/2 days and caved, found half a can in my desk! I have like 3 pouches left I get madder then all hell with everything in the world including the world! I am going to try again monday for now I have only done 1-2 pouches per day. I come to find out this whole time they put microscopic fiberglass to open my gums and let the tobacco in to keep us addicted. How is this crap even sold legally!!! so 3 days is the mark? before you normal out! I will do this, great info I am trying

    1. Ive dipped for about 5 years now and I trying to quit I haven’t dipped in 13days now and I have flipped on my parents and now they are really mad at me we haven’t talked in a couple of days will the anger ever go away

  5. On day 5…Started chewing when I was 14 now I’m 46… Decided 32 yrs was enough…..It’s Tuff but not impossible…Quit for 4 months last time a couple years ago… Hopefully done forever now. Days 1-3 are the hardest.

  6. I’m on day 19 and have noticed some more obstacles coming that I wasn’t expecting. After the first 3 days, I started getting a little more happiness, pride in myself along with confidence that I was done forever. But the past two days, Ive experienced some depression, irritability, and even a blowup or two that are a little out of character for me. Ive been dipping for about 15 years with a 2 year window of quitting cold turkey, which was about 2 years ago. When I quit then, it seems like after three days of hell, all of my problems went away, and on with life I went. Maybe it’s that I’ve now been dipping twice as long, but I did not have any of these problems on the first quit.

  7. I’m on day 14 and for some reason this this day is the toughest since day three. I think it’s because I’m working on my fish tank which I usually did with a fat dip in my mouth. I had to leave the house and lose myself in music and my phone. Does this hole in my life ever go away? Everyday is a struggle, does it get easier!? My wife has been great but she doesn’t understand how tough this is at all. She just says, “it’s all in your head!”. Which makes me want to explode.

  8. Ive smoked and chewed for the last 20 years. Im on day 15 cold turkey and each day seems harder than the next. I didnt really experience any aniexty or rage untill around day 7. Now i have a hard time controlling it. I start to get stressed which turns into anxiety which then turns into pure rage. Which once i let loose i cant stop untill i let it all out. Which i then feel regret after because whoever it was didnt deserve how i just treated them. I hope this stage does not last too long or at least calms down some.

  9. 1 year and 4 months into my quit. Still absolutely hate everything and everyone around me. Will never go back but I’m not sure I’ll make it through this and keep my job or my wife.. chewed from 16 til I was 33. Almost 35 and still dream of chew every night. The anger is quite intense.. at least the tooth loss nightmares have stopped and the constant worry of death is gone. Couldn’t stop thinking of Tony Gwynn and how young he was.. gonna cost around 5k to have some gum repair now..after several trips to the dentist I can finally smile with my mouth open again.. stay strong! Stay quit!

    1. Tony Gwynn’s mouth cancer had nothing to do with dip. 100% fact. I figure since you people were so “nice” to me calling me a “fake quitter” for using patches, I’d come back and piss on your parades. Just a nice fuck you to everyone here.

      Guess what? No dip rage. Maybe because I did it the right way. Dumb ass cold turkey quitters. Good job!

      1. Doesn’t matter whether his cancer had to do with dip. What matters is people have used his story as an inspiration to quit dipping and stayed quit. If you want to throw cancer out of the equation, fine. Quit dipping because it’s expensive. It makes you anti-social. It’s nasty as fuck, embarrassing and a poor example to your kids all the while lining the pockets of big tobacco. Glad you quit with the patches, hope you stay quit and come back and tell us about it.

  10. I had been chewing for 10+ years and Im just passed my 90 day mark in my quit and its still been pretty rough. I still get really stressed and grumpy all the time and I was wondering if and when that goes away.

  11. hey so ive been dipping for little under a year im underage and i have been without dip for a day and i got really pissed just angry in general now i dont want to quit all to gether because it gives me something to do instead of eat shit all day if i quit for say a week and do it again will it kinda reset my body in a way so like not dipping the next day and ill get pissed again?

  12. Hey ladies and gents, Owen here. I live in Seattle and work as an electrician. I’ve been dipping since ’09, 6 years, and I’m 23 days chew-free. Day 1-4, angry as hell. Days 5-8—glad I quit. Days 9-14. Damn I need a chew. Day 15–23–replace chew with something better, running (fast walking) has helped me a lot.

    I drank 1 gal of Water a day. I replaced the chew urge with fruit and veggies. Well, need less to say , I Lost weight quickly. Chewing on carrots and salary on trip home, 1.5 hour commute.

    Good luck to yall here. God bless.

  13. Two and a half weeks in.. Been feeling wrong for the past week or so and just experienced dip rage for the first time in the truck on the way home.. This sucks so bad.. Determined though for me and the ppl i love

  14. On day five, it’s been rough going straight cold turkey. I been going through a lot of gum to help with having something occupying my lip. But with the rage aspect, the weight room has been my greatest outlet. I have had my angry days and felt like I was on the brink when any moderate stress trigger came up. But I feel lifting weights and some physical activity helps channel the rage as well keeps you busy. I feel I have a long road ahead but I do feel this route will help me and maybe others.

  15. Hi Jennifer. I was you…152 days ago. My dental story is expensive and painful, but I’m quit. I used for 22 years and I’m quit. I bought nicotine patches, used one, logged on to KTC and three hours later, had the patch off and all of the nicotine I had was flushed and in the sewer where it belongs. I raged and damn hard! ….but I am quit! Join me. Join us. Rage here, and quit on!

  16. Had my wisdom teeth taken out last Friday. The dentist says no chewing for 2 wks to 2 mos. great time to quit. 🙂 my mom and grandma were thrilled.

    OMG! Times three!!! This is Hell and I swear I’m dancing with devil.

    I have been chewing for over half my life almost 23.5 years. I want to run down the hallway at the office with a baseball bat because everything and everyone makes me angry. I had to put a sign up on my door saying nicotine withdrawals stay-away if you like your head where it is!

    I have not smoked in 20 years and I offered to pay someone for a cigarette. They refused; just made me frustrated.

    I’ve been wearing 1-2 nicotine patches a day just to trying to take the edge off. Have been for a week still isn’t cutting it. I’m going to lock myself in the bedroom for the wkend.

    – hoping that the office & I survive next week.

    Glad to know that this does go away – my job depends upon me being nice, on top of everything and quick on my feet and thinking cap.

    1. Hi Jennifer – I remember getting my wisdom teeth out… I chewed that afternoon 🙁 What a dumbass I was.

      The fact that you’re using the patched believe it or not is hurting your quit. They contain nicotine so they’re actually feeding into what your body is craving (nicotine) by giving you a small dose. When you cut out those patches, you’re going to go into withdrawal again. It’s going to suck, but I’d suggest cutting them out. Until you do, you can’t TRULY begin your recovery.

      From the time you take off your last patch, it will take 72 hours (3 days) for the nicotine to work its way out of your body. In that meantime, drink lots of water to flush it out of your system.

      That said, once you get over that hump, things WILL slowly get better… and before you know it you’ll gain something you’ve not had in decades: FREEDOM.

    1. I’m on day 10. I’m all in on no nicotine anything. I found this site last night. And it’s pretty accurate about the things you’ll be going through. It made me feel better I’m not alone.

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