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Why KTC Works For Me – Being Part of the Club

jts2 avatar“Can I bum a dip?” Answer: SURE!!!!

I used to love that question. A fellow tooth stained, raw gummed bud. Another slave to the bitch. Somebody to help in a time of need. Or so I thought….

In my first 100 days of my quit I have realized something. There is a sociological aspect of my addiction that had me stuck in the nicotine nightmare and was the root of all my previous failed quits. I didn’t really understand it until I found KTC and discovered its quitting strategy.

So you ask, “What kind of psycho mumbo jumbo are you talking about, Skip?” Well, here it is… Users bond together and form a codependency that is hard to turn away from. I needed the brotherhood and companionship of this website’s membership to get out of it.

A brotherhood is needed to help me fight this codependency spider web. Along good swift kick in the ass. KTC provides both.

I used to like being known as a dipper. Pretty manly men dip. Only real down to earth cool dudes will chose to be part of the dipping populous. Athletes, good old boys, and outdoorsmen. I guess this is residual marketing from the Tobacco companies. Thanks to this website, I am now proud to say “I’m quit and I gave that shit up with the help of some incredible folks.”

Last summer I spent at least two hours away from friends and family outside of a wedding in order to dip with a new found dip bud. We both thought it inappropriate to be spitting into the crystal champagne flutes. Hence, we bonded outside spitting into the flower beds. A new friend… Why??? because we both dipped. Huh? Are you kidding me?? We are new found friends because we both choose to stick cat shit in our lips??? Seems pretty screwed up.

So why do we try to spread the love??? I don’t understand this. Hell, day 96, I had friends offering me Kodiak and smokes. What’s up with that? These guys aren’t dickheads. They are still just stuck in the nightmare and want me back to the dipping Skip.

Sure all the other facets of psychological addiction are true. We use for many reasons… I used for many reasons… like anxiety coping, reward/incentive programs, “F the world” self destructive angry management, energy level management, study buddy and concentration sharpener, hunger control, beer per hour governance, traveling companion. KTC roll call posting forced me into contingency planning to get me over those challenges. I won’t let a brother/sister down by caving.

For me the idea of leaving club dip was the largest challenge, that’s why I need this website’s connection. I did it!!! I haven’t been to the club dip in 100 days. Thank you!!!

If you are contemplating a quit, DO IT! Get out of the club and join a real brotherhood!

I’m really looking forward to “Paying it forward”

In summary the answer to the question has changed

“Can I bum a dip” —– I’m quit and let me tell you about a website….

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member jts2

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