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Been There, Done That – The Enemy Within

KTC PendulumHi,

Been a lurker on this site for almost a year now. I won’t offer any apologies because my last use of nicotine was 5/1/07 after 26 1/2 years thanks to the information offered here. I was a tough guy so I went after it alone. Or so I thought. Now I wonder if you ask my wife, kids, Doctor, co-workers, friends, Analyst, and anyone else who happens to know me if I really did this alone. This habit is a bitch. This habit kills. This habit came back after 289 days free last week and tried to seduce me into buying a can. Luckily, from what I picked up from this site, I was able to verbalize the mantra to myself. ” You will not bow to the vegetable god, No Chew, No Cigarettes, NO NICOTINE! I offer this challenge to any newbs on this site: Lose this crap NOW! It is not worth it. I noticed that a lot of members are in their 40’s. Something must click at that age. I was 45 when I quit. DO NOT WAIT for your 40’S! Stop being a user now! I can only wish that I had stopped earlier. I once calculated the amount of money I spent on this stuff over the course of 26.5 years. Using a median price I came up with something like $33,000.00 dollars. Think of what you could’ve bought with an extra $33,000.00 dollars laying around. If you are going to quit, GET PISSED AND QUIT NOW! You are being used. Don’t be a usee. Just Quit.


NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Crosshair

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