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Why We Are Here – New Guy Gets It

KTC Why Are We HereHam,
I am in the January 15 Quit Group. I have read through the posts on here and seen as others have reached out to you. Look man, I am doing this for real. I hope you are too. I want all of my brothers (and sister) to take this seriously.

I have dipped for 25 years. I have tried to quit in the past, but they turned out to just be stops. I would ninja dip until I was caught too many times. Then I would just say screw hiding it. It almost cost me my marriage on more than one occasion. Now, because of health issues, this quit cannot be another stop. I have to be successful. I will be successful.

Here’s the thing. I NEED brothers to go through this with me. I need those who understand where I have been and what it takes to kick this to the curb where it belongs! I need guys who I can text when I am fighting a hard crave to help talk me through it. I want to be that for my brothers as well. So what I am asking from you is to take this seriously. It is going to be tougher than hell. There are going to be times where you are going to want to quit the quit, but you can’t let that win out. I need my brothers to be strong as I will be strong for them.

From what I have read, you screwed up. You caved. That sucks. I wish it didn’t happen to you, but you can’t change that it did. But what you can do is not get offended because we ask you to answer the 3 questions. The answers are for you, not because we have anything to personally gain from your answers. To turn on the guys who were trying to help you succeed and who truly understand what you go through when quitting and get into a name-calling, disgusting and shameful conversation is wrong.

After you have read this, you have a choice. Are you going to own up to being an addict, answer the questions, promise to quit everyday and post it with us and be successful? Or are you going to call me names and tell me that you don’t owe me anything? The choice is yours. But truth be told, I CAN’T have brothers that I am going to have to coddle through this. I need them to be tough and stand up to this horrible addiction with me. So what do you say?

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member tshane313

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