You Never Know When You’ll Reach Someone

QwitterI was wearing my Qwitter t-shirt today while watching my kids play at a PTA event.  One of the moms from the group asked me what my shirt said so I explained to her what it said.  She then proceeded to ask me if I invented, “that texting thing” and rather than try to explain the difference between Qwitter and Twitter I said, “Yep… sure did.”

She then went on to tell me that her husband’s only vice was watching Internet porn.  Keep in mind that I’ve never met this woman before.  Is that really the kind of stuff you talk about with a complete stranger?  But I digress.

As I move along in my quit, I find that I talk about the site and my friends on the site even MORE than I did when I first quit.  I’m no longer worried about explaining it to people.  I don’t worry when people bug me about my “Internet friends”.  And you never know… she may just go home and talk about the guy that invented the “that texting thing”.

Damn do I love being quit.

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