What Is Life Without Dip Like?

Change Your LifeCan’t even imagine life without dip? It has been my best friend, it is my lover, it is my security. One day you will then realize that your best friend was trying to kill you and screw your girlfriend.

There is a real life after dip. Sure, you will go through a few really bad days to start out. Yes, you will have other tough days in the future, but what you will not go through is your life being controlled by a tin. Do I have enough to get through the night? Can I sneak off and grab a fast dip when I am out to dinner? How many times have you gone to the bathroom during the middle of a meeting? Yum, nothing like a ripe spit can left in your car in August for 5 days at the air port in New Orleans.

What is life without dip like? It’s not missing all of the crap listed above and more. It’s like you have beat the demon! Now after just about a year off the crap, I feel like I can accomplish anything. Sure, the first few days really suck but then you will see just about everyday gets better. You will feel good about yourself for the first time in years. You will be able to go to a party and not dip; you will play softball and not think about a can. Yes you can drive without a dip in and yes the lawn mower will start without a fatty, all while saving $1,700 bucks a year!

You are scared shitless about the concept of quitting, your blood pressure is already out of control because of dip and your anxiety attacks are coming more often. You know you need to quit but you can not bear to think about life without the can. It can be done, there are 100s around this place everyday that are living proof.

Quitting is not easy, hell it has been about the hardest thing that I have ever done and the most rewarding. Who knew that quitting could even be fun? You will meet the best guys and gals on this site. I don’t think that there is a city in the country that I could not hit up another quitter for a place to stay and a bite to eat. I know of no place else where you send a cry for help and have 20 other quitter by you side cheering you on or kicking your ass. I know of nowhere else that I can ask any question and have a expert answer it.

The fact is, quitting was tough, but not near as bad as I had feared! It can be done and it is being done every day on this site. So my question is; why are you still killing yourself when you now know that there is a place that will give you the power and tools to quit?

Quit today for today, we will worry about tomorrow when it gets here. Repeat the process one day at a time and some day you will be the one giving advice on how to quit the evil weed. So when you do quit, never forget to Pay it Forward!!!

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  1. I had to quit due to my new job. It is much more stressful with deadlines every day and I spend a majority of my time in an office writing for other companies. It was a double edged sword because 1 half of me relied on it for stress and the other half knew that having to reload on nicotine every hour in an office setting was not a maintainable path.

    I finally purchased nicotine gum and I haven’t had a dip in two days. The first day was hell (I went through a can a day for the past four years) but, I’m sick of needing something else to feel normal and turning into a complete psycho when I don’t have it for several hours. I definitely felt nicotine hurting my drive and forcing me into a state of contentment.

    Has anyone ever tried nicotine gum to quit? I can’t quit cold turkey because I can’t let a day go by where I don’t get anything done (feel like crap) due to my job.

  2. Day 1: Made it all day without dipping. I’ve decided to quit drinking, smoking weed, and dipping all at once. I have been completely sober today. This is by far the hardest thing I think ill ever do. I want my happiness back. I want my control back. I want my life back. I’m going to fight for it each and everyday. When I overcome these obstacles, I’ll definitely be able to conquer anything. Especially with God.

  3. I have chewed for 25 years. I have tried to quit many times in the past, but thebmind if an addict always won and I went right back to my Copenhagen. I have been without it now for 35 days. I want to say it a big accomplishment for me, but I made it 6 months before and went back.

  4. I was a heavy dipper, at least 2 cans a day, sometimes 3. I’d literally spit one out, and within minutes put another right back in. Tomorrow makes day 7 without one. It’s challenging for sure, and I’ve been hating life, but the trick is to keep your mind busy. The busier you can keep it, the less you notice the withdrawals, and less you crave a dip. I’m just trying to take it one day at a time like an alcoholic in rehab. Good luck to all.

    • Well done ,am on day three is very hard i want to dip now , but wish u al the best i wish i had your spirit,the thing is am not working am done with my daily cores do am craving snuff , but when am at NW i don’t crave at all than when am at my mom’s place ,am an indoor person so whai mst i do i really want to quit

  5. I’m on day two with no Copenhagen Longcut. I skipped the morning dip and ate my cupcakes for breakfast instead. I’ve got a full can with one dip out of it still in my truck from the other day, but not even tempted. I’ve dipped a can to can and half a day for the past 15 years, other than a window of 2 1/2 years I quit about 7 years ago. I did try to wean myself off with nicotine gum last month with little success. I quit cold turkey last time, and know that’s my only option.

  6. I’m on day 45!! Wow it seems tougher now than it did on week 2 lol. I know it’s all a mind screw and that my friend, pisses me off!! I’m over the withdrawals and the poison is out of my system, now it’s just learning to live day to day without the comfort of my dip lol.ph and the weight gain sucks but at least I’m dip free. Being on day 45 I CV an now focus on a weightloss plan. Yall stay strong and thanks for the group and the story. Yall are all full of badassery!

    • Great job, keep it up. I’m on day 359. It is still a grind on some days, but I remind myself how far I’ve come and Id hate to start over. I gained 20 pounds and finally decided enough was enough. No sense substituting one vice for another. Backed off the carbs and started swimming and biking on a consistent basis. So I’ve knocked off 25 lbs in the past 5 months and looking for 20 more. Worst thing is the dang nightmares I have with me sneaking a dip. When I wake up it’s such a relief knowing I’m still tobacco free. We’re always going to be an addict, we need to stay strong and think about our future and our family. You can do it.

  7. Almost 2 months and I miss it every day but had to do it due to blood pressure. But for me it has not gotten easier just gone longer each day without it.

  8. Hey man great story. I am on my 6th day of no dip after a tin a day for 10 years. It is one hell of a challenge but it feels like it’s getting better everyday. In Canada our tins go for 24 bucks so you can imagine for me the motivation alone would be 7k a year. Best of luck to you, it’s comforting to know that it can be done when it seems impossible at times

    • Iam 37years, have used dip for 10yrs. Ive tried to quit many times but i still go back. Last time i tried to quit i did 5days, and i felt so good like i can achieve anything i wanted. I thought i was in control. But this evil thought came to me and felt like i can easily quit when i want to, and decided to remind me of the feeling once more with one pinch then i quit for good.. Its now 6months i couldnt quit. i always walk away from my friends to have time for myself so i can take shit.. Enough is enough am starting tommorow, wish me luck..

  9. I am 56 and been doing for 46 years I know I need to quit but I am like you I just can’t imagine functioning without it. I am getting closer and closer to picking a stop date. Good luck buddy

    • i have 5 boxes left, after that i believe i am going to try and quit, but i enjoy the oral pacifer effect, not the nicotine, but as i don’t get out of the house but about every 6 mon due to disability, if i don’t ask my wife to pick me up some i will be quiting cold

  10. 61 years old
    48 years chewing/ dipping
    IT’S been 4 days without any tobacco
    Cold turkey
    I’m eating everything
    I think I can do this
    It will be difficult when I do yard work this spring

  11. 33 years old and haven’t had a chew for 5 days. Super Bowl Sunday was my last dip – an easy day to remember.

    I was a can-and-a-half a day chewer. My strategy is to use nicotine gum to help, but as little as possible and tapering down as quickly as possible. I had six pieces of gum the first day, five pieces the second day and 3-4 for the last couple of days.

    Quitting was not nearly as bad as it was built up to be in my mind. Once I made the decision to quit, there was no going back and there will never be any going back. This part of my life is gone forever. Deal with it and move on just like a breakup.

    Withdrawals have been minimal except for poor sleep the first night and some anxiety. Nothing extreme though.

    Now I’ll just taper down the gum the rest of the way and call it a day.

    My brother had a similar experience. He quit completely cold turkey and told me the first few days were tough, but it was coasting after that.

    My main reason for posting is just to share an alternative point of view on the withdrawals. It might not be as bad as you’ve built up in your mind. Don’t fear the withdrawals or whatever. Your pride at having such mental strength will ease the sting a lot.

    Make the decision to quit and then take control of your life.

  12. 5 days so far and I’m doing pretty good. I was at about 2 cans a day. The VA put me on some medication to help me. My heads a little foggy and I keep snacking but I’m going to beat this!!

  13. Hi, i quit 26 days ago after chewing for 35 years. i started at 17 and will be turning 53 next month. Emotions ran wild the first 3 days but got some fake dip and that made a huge difference for me. Anyone who is trying to quit without it is putting themselves at a huge disadvantage in my opinion.

    • This is day 5. Honesty I’m not feelings very well my wife says I talk in my sleep and can see I’m packing on some lbs. went cold turkey on Ash Wed. Funny first 2 days I said I got this. Today I’m really not sure.

      • I’m on day 119. The first couple weeks I would brush my teeth and gargle with listerine whenever I had the urge to dip. Worked pretty well. Now if I could find a safe substitute to keep my brain from having melt downs. This gum and hard candy is tearing my mouth up.

  14. I just started my no dipping journey. I am 3 hours and I’m doing good. About to fall a sleep and wake up eat breakfast shower the normal before work crap. I have a third of a can left. I’m only going to use it when I absolutely need it. Very small dip.no fatty. I quit one time for a month then failed. Then I have relapsed 3 effing times. I need to do it. I really do. It has made me do some really stupid stuff that I could pay the consequences for tomorrow. Wish me luck. I’m hoping for the best. Hoping i didnt mess my life up over dip. Ill update tomorrow after work. Any advice would be awesome.

    • What worked for me may not for everyone, but I have dipped for about 18 years a can a day. Tried many times to quit for my health but got nowhere because it was not enough motivation for me.
      Decided that it wasn’t fair to my wife and kids to be spending the amount of money it takes to dip in Minnesota (About 6 bucks a can) I started mixing half and half with the fake stuff, then when I got used to that went with a 1/4 ratio. No limits on time, just trying to save money and cut back. Have tried everything else, but this way seems to have worked, at least so far. Haven’t had any nicotine at all since The Sunday before the super bowl 2018. Good luck everyone and find the reason you want to quit. For me it was my family and the money.

  15. Joshua Wayne Dudley

    Well im almost 24 hours into quitting. Hasnt been a very good day! Day 2 and 3 get any better?

  16. I started buying and regularly using dip when I was twelve (12) years old. I quit about a year and a half ago, at the age of 47. I used dip, every day of my life, from 12 till 47, that’s 35 years of daily use, give or take a year… When I say “use”, I mean, if I was awake, I had a dip in my mouth… I just quit, walked away from it, with no assistance, because I don’t want to die from a dipping related disease. That motivated me! You have to find what motivates, truly motivates you. If I can do it, anyone can!

  17. Am 22 years old and have been dipping ever since high school. Probably about six years now. I am currently on about 48 hours since my last dip.Could use any type of advice or motivation. Thanks all!

  18. After 22 years of tobacco use, I have quit for good. One week in and I’m feeling more positive about my decision, however, now I’m dealing with a sinus infection and some mild depression. This last week at work has been very challenging. While I’m starting to feel more focused, all I can think about is having a pouch. I could tuck one in so tightly that I often had no urge to spit. Swallowing a little juice? No problem. It’s amazing to consider how my body has adapted to this addiction. Mouth cancer, stomach cancer, heart disease–every chew was a step closer to death. Now every day is a step closer to a new life. One moment I’m cursing at the pettiest of things; and the next moment all I want to do is sleep. This is why I’m home today from work. So, just getting it out there. I’m afraid to tell my family and my co-workers. I’m a fucking liar. The paradox of tobacco addiction: it delivers pleasurable feelings, but then it can turn you into a horrible human being. I know I’m better than this.

  19. 28 years old. Been dipping a can a day for 5 years. Ive noticed gum loss and slight tooth decay. And seeing those commercials on tv lately warning about dip; yesterday 9/4/17 I have decided to quit. 24 hours in and it’s been rough. I haven’t stopped thinking about it. But there’s just a little spark in the back of my mind that’s proud of myself for ending this.

  20. Hey guys.
    I smoked from 18 to 26, then quit cold turkey. It was actually pretty easy, but I picked up dipping 3 months later. I turn 30 this week and I’m 1 week dip free right now. For the last 4 years I’ve been doing about 1 can every 24 hours and I enjoyed it. Driving, working in the shop, relaxing in bed, out in the ranch shooting guns. I always needed a pinch after I ate, first thing waking up and last thing before bed.

    I’m going cold turkey again and so far this week has been pretty easy. This is my first attempt at quoting and so far I know I have complete control.

    They make shredded beef jerky in a can at gas stations, I’ve been doing pinches out of that to satisfy the habitual movements until I can detox all the nicotine out. I suggest everybody try that.

    I am enjoying the extra energy, I’m sleeping a little better and longer. Kinda nice now that nobody is looking at me thinking i am so gross for spitting in a can. My teeth are getting a little whiter.

    Everybody is different but attitude is everything!
    Instead of telling yourself “I want to dip but I can’t.” Give yourself some power and control… “I can dip, but I don’t want to.”

  21. Well guys Iam 55 years old and have been dipping since I was 9 years old have quit I dont know how many times. It’s always been because someone has told me ah you need to quit.I can tell from experience you will never quit completly until YOU want quit not some telling you that you need to. I happy to say Iam getting closer to that day I want quit.

    • 33 years old, done it since 20. On day 4 of my second try at quitting. First lasted 9 mos. Had a cigarette (thanks cuz) then the crave came back.

      Here we are again. Feeling a lil’ raw.

      • William
        I was in the same place a few days ago.
        I’m a big Baseball fan and was watching MLB network.
        They did a story on Tony Gwynn. That was my push. My first dip was on the bench during legion ball. I wish someone would have slapped it out of my hand, screamed in my face and told me (fool your going to regret this in 40 Years )
        5 days in and I’m thankful I found this site.
        Good luck Bro, you WILL do it!

  22. Chewed for over 10 years and actually quit on accident I was working a lot and didn’t realize I hadn’t chewed in like 2 days the all at once BAM withdrawals hit me so hard it sent me to the er it was hell first two weeks anxiety was awful and the fog was hell I had sweats and night terrors and body aches and pains I had almost every symptom there was to have today I am 33 days quit and feeling a lot better just still have some anxiety stay strong fellers it gets better

  23. 105 days without a dip. I don’t think about it often. I still have the occasional craving but it isn’t overwhelming. Keep up the fight everyone. I didn’t think I could make it this far. First few days were hell but it is worth it.

  24. Dipped for 13 years. 42 now…picked up the stupid habit at 29 years old like a jackass. Quit 2 nights ago…40.5 hours down. Its kicking my butt!

    • Hahah me too! Started late 20’s. I’m 42 now. I’m quit since July 25th. I thought it was going to be hell….but everyday without a dip made me feel good about me…..and that keeps me going! Hang in there PJ!

      • Well, I am back on it here because I failed in September 2016. This time, I am at 83 hrs quit so far…3 days, 11 hours. Feels easier this time. Maybe I wanted it more? If I can do this then I truly believe anyone can. There wasnt a part of my life where a dip wasnt involved. Wakking up, after eating, driving, work, ever take communion with a dip in your mouth? This dipshit right here has. Smuggling cans on a cross country flight like Im Pablo Escobar smuggling cocaine into the country. Best of luck to each of you. Godspeed!

  25. On day 2. This is effen hard. I keep looking at mouth cancer pics to keep me away.

    • On day 4 and a half all I think about is Skoal been at it for 14 years never knew how bad it had a hold on me this is miserable.

  26. Made it through my first day. No chaw. Hate life. On to day 2. Miss my Cope Mint…

    • How you doing PJ? Are you 3 weeks in now? Congrats if you are. If not keep fighting bro. On my 2nd day. This sucks but self esteem improving just because I was able to stop one day….

  27. 30 yrs old been dippin since I was 12 (worked on a farm) never had anxiety attacks before but they have now gotten to the point of freaking me out don’t wanna use nicotine any more and don’t want to be put on a prescription anti depressant someone please tell me this stage will pass. Want to feel like myself again!!!

  28. I started buying and using my own Copenhagen when I was just 11 years old, one to one and a half cans, every two days. (I also had a job, of some kind or another since then.) I’m 47 now… So, 36 years… I quit about 3 months ago, not because of anything in particular. Sure, I was, am, concerned about my health and I don’t like the negativity associated with the habit, mostly, I find, out people’s ignorance and blatant, anti tobacco stupidity… Still, it’s a vice, one that can, and likely will, catch up to me, may still catch up to me… I’ve never had mouth, stomach, esophageal cancer, tooth loss or periodontal disease of any kind. I felt it was just time to quit, so I did. I almost always enjoyed my Copenhagen, then later Skoal. It was easy to walk away from, allot easier than I anticipated. I think allot of people just like to whine allot about the most minor of nicotine withdrawal symptoms, but the bottom line; if that’s what is stopping you, don’t let it! The withdrawal stories you read about are, to the greater degree, a bunch of hooey. Three days and the physical withdrawals are over, what little there is of them, then you just have to deal with the habituation issues. This, by far, has been the hardest for me to overcome, the mere ritualization and habituation in the act, of chewing smokeless tobacco. I still miss it every bit as much now, as I did the second day after I put the can down for good. I suspect this will stick with me for the rest of my life… It is what it is.

    • I feel your pain. I’ll be 47 this year. Began dipping at about age 10. I quit cold turkey over 9 months ago just because. All is well. I do seem to have vivid dreams every night. I have lost interest in many activities that I used to really enjoy. I spend more time exercising to try and keep off the extra pounds. I go to bed quite a bit earlier than I used to. I have had several dreams where I caved in and bought a can, causing anger the next morning. I still think about a fresh dip of Cope every single day but I’m not giving in.

      • Same here STEVE. I’m on day 136. I dipped for 45 years quit a couple times but this time it’s for good. I too stayed up late and now notice myself going to bed earlier and having that same dream a few times. I’ve put on 15 more pounds and I guess not the most pleasant person to be around for s month or so. and I told my wife if she saw me gnawing on a cigar or dipping that fake stuff to put s 2×4 across my head. That’s where I’ve gotten in trouble in the past. I know lll always want a dip but I know 1 will cause a downward spiral so it is what it is. Good luck, stay strong

  29. Day 4 for me. 27 years. Feel great, just ran for more than 20 minutes. Feels like I have more energy. Henry

  30. I am 50 years old and have been dipping Copenhagen for 36 years, 1 can every 2 days, I am on my third day without dip and it seems the worst part is when I reach for it and realize that’s not in my life anymore. I fully anticipate the next few weeks to be strange days.

  31. 28 days of no chew. I am not going to lie or sugarcoat it. I have been going through a major depression and anxiety. I really hope that I can stay tobacco free for the rest of my life, but sometimes it still scares me. It’s like I lost a good friend of mine.

  32. Day 6 without dup miss it like a kid dies dad lol but getting better day by day my teeth sore any one have this problem and the fog is HELL..

  33. I’m on my 4th quit. KTC gas helped me the last three times. I am 11 days in and this is the worst quit yet. I am a mess. I am only sleeping 2 to 3 hours a night. My brain actually hurts because it wants nicotine so bad. I can’t sit still and my emotions are all over the place. This is miserable. All I think about is dip still, even after 11 days. I am a zombie from the lack of sleep.

  34. New here. 10th day off the dip. Days 2-5 seemed to be the worst. Did anyone else have swelling on the top of their mouth to where it hurt to swallow? Seems to have gone somewhat away but am still concerned. Also had ear pain and jaw pain but those have also gone away almost.

  35. 4th day without dip….i m going good..only ptoplm i m facing is i m not able to concentrate on studies coz it trigers the urge to have a dip..i have exams…what should i do…i hate nicotine…m nt gonna put it into my system again..

  36. I’m on day 2 right now. Closing in on 48 hours. All I can think about is how badly I want to go buy a can. I’m sweating. Trembling hands. Temperamental. Realizing I introduced approximately the same amount of nicotine as three packs of cigarettes a day. I wan’t to quit this cold turkey, but my mind is wandering. Does nicotine gum/patches help? I can only eat so many sunflower seeds and gummy bears….

    How do I take my mind off of this?? It’s a churning cement truck in my head right now. F*** YOU SKOAL!

    • How long did you do it? If you can survive day 3 you got it made. I tell you what go workout like a mad man, and I mean bust your freaking butt at the gym like you aint never done it before, drink water like a dude lost in the desert and piss it like a horse. Don’t do any of the stuff you did when you were popping that dip, at least try not to, and keep your mind away from it as much as you can. Go and look at some mouth cancer pics if you can handle that kind of visual stuff and then every time there is a craving think about those pics, you will change your tune quickly I tell ya, and most important of all, man up don’t cave in. Come back here and tell us that you crossed that third day.

    • A buddy im 8 days and i dipped for the last 14 years i bought some fake dip havnt had no withdraw just a few nights no sleep but beer helped w that fake dip worked for me

    • You never posted after this; I hope you didn’t quit quitting.
      The first three days are a haze and not a fun one. Days 4 and 5 you start to feel good. Then, a week without it? I cried. I’ve never cried about anything less than my dog dying in 20 years.

      But now I am nearly 2 months free without nicotine entirely.
      I am free.
      I am happy.
      I am healthy.
      I AM F**KING FREE!

  37. Day 5 for me.and not going to dip.

  38. 16 years old, don’t give me the bs line bout how I ain’t old enough. I live in the country and been dipping since I was 11. Roughly 2 cans a day. My pocket has sores and yellow patches, and from here on out I will never put a dip in again.

  39. A week and a half

  40. How long does it take to get out of your system,and what can you expect the first week.

  41. Day 1, only dipped on and off for 1.5 years. The fog has set in, I don’t expect it to last very long.

  42. I’m 26 days clean from dip, I think about it all the time still. I watch baseball everynight and see the players with a big wads in and spittin the juice… In the end I know I will never go back to that lifestyle. A week before I quit I kept thinking that this could and very well will kill me. Why not quit. I hadnt been hanging around with buddies that dip for a couple months then and I figured it was a great time to quit no pressure. I didn’t tell anybody, didn’t even tell my girlfriend until a week into it. I don’t know if it was because I was scared I’d fail or just didn’t want to talk about it. Well I’m here now, I’m still alive. Killthecan.org is a great community

  43. Day one no dip

  44. On day 12 right now been tough but doing good so far..

  45. Starting day 1. No dip last night or this morning, Hell has kicked in lol

  46. I’m trying to get my hubby to stop chewing. 30’years of it. He’s got it in his mind that he wants to quit but won’t move off that mark. Any ideas to move him forward would be great.

    Thank you,
    Worried Wife in Idaho

    • Hey Keva – have you told him about out community? We’ve got nearly 23,000 members that “get it” because we know what he’s going through… we’ve all been right there. It’s the best place on the web to get questions answered and support from people who know what he’s dealing with. http://forum.killthecan.org

  47. 3 days in, caved a month ago after 2 months. starting the journey once again..

  48. One week without and a foggy day today at work – but determined to keep moving forward!

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