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Golden Eagle Herbal SnuffChewie says…

Golden Eagle Herbal Chew is a family owned company in Grants Pass, Oregon. They offer five flavors including Straight, Licorice Mint, Hibiscus – Ginger, Cinnamon and Wintergreen. Their products are made from 100% all natural herbs and kosher vegetable glycerin. Because it is made with all natural herbs it is generally safe to swallow (but this is a personal preference of the user).

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rjc says…

Wintergreen has good flavor, most of the other flavors taste very similar and have a much weaker flavor, moist but gritty and fine, pack is adequate.


  1. The cinnamon is decent but all the fake chew will wreck your gums. I found some larger sized sticks in mine and it wasn’t very pleasant. Beats the alternative though!

  2. I just got two cans of the hibiscus ginger and licorice mint. Good taste and probably the best “mouth feel” of all herbal snuff I have tried all the other brands tore my mouth apart worse than real tobacco. I will most likely purchase again

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