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  1. Any recommendations for something comparable to cope long cut? Been using it for over 20 years and I need a replacement that tastes close. My problem is I like the taste and the physical habit which is why all my attempts fail. Of course you gotta want to quit so I think if I could something comparable I could at least cut out the nicotine. Any suggestion?

    1. I was a cope wintergreen long cut guy for about 15 years. Baccoff makes 2 versions of their ‘energized’ dip alternative that actually kind of feel like snuff in your lip. Wintergreen and straight. They have caffeine in them. Best flavor and feeling in the lip I’ve found. I tried their ‘rough cut’ the flavor is different and doesn’t feel like the real thing at all. The drawback to the energized is that its a real fine cut and it leaves a mess in your mouth. If you can get past that its the absolute best I’ve found. The company is currently looking into making a ‘long cut’ alternative.

  2. I just got my first cans this week. First tasted like soap but now used them couple days. my use of the tobacco ones has actually cut down. These pouches fill the spot that the reg pouches were always in that is. My problumb was always need something to fill that spot.

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