2017 HOF Speeches

Zombie HOF Speech

Zombie Jak avatarIt all started when my roommate gave me a pinch of Copenhagen to keep me awake for a long drive from Evanston, Indiana to Chicago. It worked because I was pretty well wired for all 6 hours of that trip. It wasn’t a daily thing. Usually took about a week to get through a full can. Upon graduating from college, it was off to the active duty Army and shortly thereafter my first deployment. While deployed, I went through about a can every other day. Since then, two more deployments and daily use of Nicotine.

I’ve had several quits before. A few weeks every time I came back from a deployment, a few days at the beginning of the year, a few more days when a sore would appear on my gums and I thought I was getting cancer…..but none lasted.

Then, on 10 November 2016….the Cult happened. I honestly don’t even know how I found this place. I do know that I gave my phone number to random strangers who turned out to be some of toughest most bad ass people I’ve ever encountered.

I’m done with sneaking off for no reason to get another dip in, hiding the cans, finding anything to spit in (best part was how nasty the garbage can ended up smelling). Im done with my kids asking me why I spit so much, I’m done with a chemical that hates me and wants to kill me.

Special thanks to

Viking for reaching out and keeping me honest.
Mr Lentz for the tough but needed advice
Subdvr70 – The only good marine is a submarine 😉

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Zombie Jak

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