2011 HOF Speeches

100 Days is Everything and Nothing

jwclev avatar100 Days means everything and absolutely nothing. I don’t think my story is that different than anyone else’s, I was 18 and in college the first time I trying any tobacco, I can remember it like yesterday. I was more than a little drunk and a friend gave me a smoke, and one of my other friends gave me a pinch of Grizzly Straight hoping to make my sick because he wanted to mess with me. The next day I bought a pack of Salem’s and never looked back. Over the next 4 years I smoked anywhere from a pack and a half to two packs a day. I was the kind of guy that if I was sleeping, eating, or around my parents I had a fat cat turd in. After that I had already met my now wife, she tried to get me to quit then, but I wasn’t ready I told her she could choose, I would smoke or I would dip. Almost 6 years later I finally decided to put the shit down.

After a few years of living together, and getting married she became more and more vocal about how she really didn’t like me doing and started getting on to me about how bad it was. After ignoring her and not caring about my health I was sitting around and my gums started hurting and bleeding every morning and it just hit me I WANT TO KEEP MY TEETH. I know I’m from Kentucky and we aren’t supposed to have teeth, but I want to keep mine.

March 18th was the first time of my break from classes and I had a three day weekend coming up, so I decided that would be my quit date, it gave me 3 days with nothing to do and nowhere to be, I could get over the first 72 with no one to bother me and no one for me to yell at. To top it off my wife went out of town to the race at Bristol and it was the first weekend of 85 degrees for the year, so I was laying around just me and the dogs to sweat out the nic. After a few days my wife couldn’t stand putting up with me so she got online and found this place and told me to check it out. I will always remember my first night in chat, I don’t remember who was there but I do remember I had my first Klark experience. He is the kind of guy who can be a real asshole, but the good kind of asshole and truly does mean to help.

Since that first day I have posted roll and gone into chat daily, there have been so many people who have helped me and been there just to talk with during the good and bad days. I wish I could sit here and name everyone one of you off but I have already rambled enough. But I do want to say a special shout out to STM and Rocket; you guys have meant more to helping me than you could ever know. STM you have always giving this site the humor we all need to get through the crap. And Rocket, no matter what you and Bowman are my quit brothers and I can never say how much the text messages checking on me when I was late meant to help keeping me on the plan. To everyone else I know we have never met in real life but you are all like family. I look forward to see you all to the 2nd floor and beyond. HOF is not the finish line but the end of the warm up, now the real marathon begins!!!

This is my first quit and my last. I am not a person who accepts failure very well, so I know if this quit doesn’t work then I am dead, plain and simple. So I look forward to many years living without the nic, and hopefully helping a few newbs in the process.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member jwclev

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