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Reality Check At Damned Near 1900

Reality Check

I’ll tell ya, I still get an urge every now and then.  Nothing serious but there is always that thought about possibly some day dipping again. I was just browsing around the main site when I saw the Tom and Jenny Kern story on there.  It has been years since I have been on their caring bridge site so I went over and started reading the recent journal entries and guestbook entries.  It is amazing and painful to read how Tom’s story continues to affect not only those who are quitting but also how the loss of Tom is still affecting their family.  I am literally sitting at my desk crying. I read a post from his daughter like the one below, and can barely contain myself. I tell you what, if I ever get close to going back I hope I have the good sense to go back to their site and start reading. Heart breaking and inspiring all mixed together.

“Hey dad!

Well today is the day that Alexa leaves for school. I thought I would be so excited for her to go since I will finally not have to be her second mom…reminding her to clean her room, do the dishes, help with laundry, well basically cleaning up after herself…which we all know if a life or death situation for her. Well I am actually sad. (don’t tell mom, she will do the “I told you so” thing) Kenra, Lexa, and I had so much fun last night just hanging out, dancing, and just talking.m Now I am at home cleaning her room, bathroom, and closet..because it is now mine. I thinking of her moving in and you should be there helping. When you go to college your dad should be there helping you carry all of the big things, giving you a big hug and as your pretending not to be scared to be on your own you should be there saying it will be okay kiddo, you can call when anytime. But your not. I am so mad that you are not here to watch all of us grow up and here for every waking moment. I wish you could be hear for us and give us that hug and call us kiddo or pumpkin. Well I miss you dad and love you so much!”


Every Newb (and Vet) should read this page from the bottom up.

WhoDey – 1,894 days Nic free.

NOTE: This piece written by forum member WhoDey

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