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120 Days Later – The Journey Has Just Begun

ajamesion avatarDay one of my quit, woke up after a long night at a wedding. Realized my hand was broken, I was in so much pain and had so much to deal with that day, I just wanted to pack a fat lip right then and there and just say fuck it. But I made a promise the night before and said I was going to quit chewing. So i sucked it up and dealt with it one day at a time.

As the week went on I started to have the sweats here and there, but mostly random changes in moods from being content, to suddenly angry and short with everyone. I was thinking again, “Man I just want to pack a lip, and get rid of some of this stress.” Because what made quitting the hardest for me is when I was either bored, driving, or extremely mad I always ended up putting a lip in, but after I had that thought, I quickly remembered I made a promise to myself, my fraternity brothers, and my new quit brothers.

Months went by and then I realized I came up on my 50th day. Felt good to be quit for that long, but I knew that my journey had just begun. The days went on and I realized that I started to feel healthier and my gums were starting to feel better and not as torn up as they used to be.

Day 100 came. One of the greatest feelings I have ever had, I had over come something that took controlled part of my life for the last 6 years. But like I said before, the journey has just begun. There will always will be the thought or feeling of craving. Can’t cave and give into the Nic Bitch.

Jhaenel: you and I quit together on this, we aren’t just brothers through the cords of blue anymore, but now we are quit brothers. Since day 1 we have texted each other bright and early reminding each other that we are in this together till the end bro

Razz: You were one of the main deciding factors to my quit. You were on my ass about it and had my back throughout this journey. Thank you for getting me to realize that I could quit this shit and helped me get through this.

Sportsfan: I remember the one weekend you sent me a text message, just to check up on me and see how the quit was going. Felt good to know there were others there for me to help me get through quitting. And it didnt just stop there, you and I have kept in contact atleast once a month making sure that either of us are still continuing the journey.

Thank You guys, thank you ALL for what you have done to help me get through the first 100 days and plenty more to come. To January Jackwagins, thank you all especially. We have all been there for each other when needed, and it still continues after our 100 day mark. Thank you everyone for all the help…but again the journey has just begun…STAY QUIT EVERYONE!!!

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member ajamesion

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