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Why Am I Being Such An Ass To Everyone?

DonkeyIn the event that you weren’t already an ass, it is because you took away your “binky”, your pacifier, your comfort-in-a-can. You have removed your coping device that has masked all your fears and anxiety, you have taken away the one thing that you thought you had all to your own, the one thing that remained constant in your life, the one thing that you thought you could control. The problem is, is that it controlled you in ways you could never imagine while under the spell of ‘Ol Queen Nicotine. It’s like taking away a small child’s security blanket, or favorite stuffed animal…………and you know how pissed they can get. It’s the very same deal. You have been reduced to a small whiny sniveling child. The result? Temper tantrums, rage, fits of anger. You have eliminated your “little buddy in a can”. This can last for a few days, a few weeks, or a month or two, depending on you usual level of being an ass. It will take adjustment, it will take time. You cannot expect all the years of poisoning your mind, all the years of brainwashing to be extinguished in a couple of days. It will pass, but not overnight.

The best thing you can do is let everyone around you know what your situation is. Let them know you will be an ass for a while. With this being said, there is no excuse for taking out your rage on your loved ones. Bring it here. Bring it to the ones you have gone before you, the ones that know, the ones that care. This is your home now, your refuge, your sanctuary. Come here to vent, we may give you a pat on your back, offer comfort, or kick your whiny little ass, whatever is required based upon your level of being an ass.

P.S. In the event that you are usually an ass while under the influence of nicotine. Quitting will indeed multiply that level of being an ass for a period of time. I would suggest joining “AA” (Assholes Anonymous) as well. 🙂

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Moe S
Moe S
7 years ago

I was a major ass for a good while.. it calms down. But I’m still ready to put my foot in somebody’s butt at a moments notice lol.

8 years ago


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